Congrats to the Winners!

These people didn’t care it was an ugly game:

1st ($515):  Roy W (Krispy Kremer)
2nd ($260):  David F (The Mighty Mobelfakta)
3rd ($175):  Sam S (TheLakeShow)
4th ($120):  Craig S (Craig)
5th ($ 80):  Ted J (MB Camel Jockies)
6th ($ 60):  Charles D (BINLADEN)
Bonus ($40): Blakeley H (For Narnia)

Sam and Blakeley can thank the awfully low scoring game for winning their tiebreakers.


Seemed like it was 4-3 forever (as my son Spencer would say), but some good defense helped keep the score very low, as only 41 have been scored at the half (22-19).  Five threes have helped Butler compensate from a poor inside game while UConn is just struggling and picking up fouls.  Hopefully, the second half will pick up (especially for those in the tiebreaker who have a higher point total than their competitor).

Issue # 12.5.3 “Sweet 16 Thoughts on 16 Years”

Issue # 12.5.3 “Sweet 16 Thoughts on 16 Years”

A different twist this year due to time constraints.  But it also allows me to brag that the best smartphone out there is the year-old HTC Droid Incredible.  How great is it?  When my Droid Incredible was stolen two months ago and I was eligible to upgrade to any Verizon phone (with the Vz iPhone out), I still chose the Droid Incredible.  Thanks to Nandroid and Titanium Backup for restoring my new phone to its grand ol’ state.

I’m a little disappointed with the Droid Incredible 2 that is coming out, but I’ll have to see the official specs to see if I want to upgrade to it.

BTW, good luck to everyone who is still alive!

Everyone’s an Underdog

Three pointers ruled the day and propelled VCU and Kentucky to victories.  This means there are no #1, #2, or #3 seeds in the Final Four.  It does leave the pool with 4 possible champs and 12 entries still alive.  The UNC loss also means we will have a Bonus winner for the Winningest Conference.  Up on our menu above, there is now a “Final Four” button which shows all 8 possible scenarios and who the winners are.  Other info on my update page.

VCU vs Butler, huh?

The last #1 is knocked off as VCU is the third double-digit seed to make the Final Four.  Just 17 are still alive but all 4 people with a chance for 1st are still alive.  Now two of the youngest coaches who look younger than some of their players will face other.  VCU’s record 5th win to get to the Final featured wins aginast the Pac-10, Big-10, Big East, Big-12, and ACC.  Horizon League is next.