Watched the most of the game at Sam Hughes’ Place in Tucson with about 16 co-workers and a surprisingly pro-Kansas crowd. So when Mario Chalmers hit the 3, the place went crazy as we headed to OT. OK. Cliff T (BELUCKY2) won $440 while Bob G (COBI’S DAD) won the tiebreaker against Doug H (JUNO INO) to win $220 (Doug won $150). Don C (DC944) won the tiebreaker against Jeff H (U BETTA BELIEVE IT) to win 4th ($100) while Jeff won our first 5th place prize ($60). The 143 total points and Kansas’ win meant the Big 12 won with 12 wins and the tiebreaker among 4 entries was won by Robby D (ARBEDYTHREE).

Had Kansas missed the 3 in regulation the total points would have been 123 with the Bonus2 in effect meaning 9ERS IN 09 and BLUESTARS1996 both missed splitting $40. So close.

Memphis vs. Kansas?

(From the press box at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA) — Well, in our pool, these were the two most unlikely #1 seeds to make the final… did.  Wow, Kansas nearly blew a 28-point lead but held on.  Does Kansas have the monkey off their back?  We shall see.

We will either have a 3-time champion in FLIP FIGHTERS (Robinson C) or a first time champion in 10-year pool veteran BELUCKY2 (Cliff T, my dad!).   The former is guaranteed nothing while the latter is guaranteed $60.  DC944 is guaranteed $60 as well. Current leader JUNO INO is guaranteed $150.

Only three people picked both teams and all 3 are in the running for money.  BELUCKY2 is the only one to get all 4 Final Four teams plus both finalists.

Some things don’t change

I feel sorry for THE MIGHTY MOBELFAKTA (Dave F) and YELLOW MONKEY (Man V) who made the trip to San Antonio at the last minute in hopes that 3 would be the charm for the Bruins in the Final Four. Well, I guess we have to wait til next year as Memphis knocked off UCLA. As for the pool, this means JUNO INO is guaranteed at least 3rd place and $150. He had 5 of 8 chances to win money and 4 of them were if Memphis won. DC944 is guaranteed at least 5th place an $60. Either JUNO INO, KOOL KATS, BELUCKY2, or FLIP FIGHTERS will win the $440 top prize. 66 had picked UCLA while 16 picked Memphis.  Here’s what the remaining 4 scenarios are with one game left today…

If  N CAROLINA beats     MEMPHIS in the final, then the possible winners are...
                        Juno Ino Score:158 (place 1 winner)
                           DC944 Score:154 (place 2 winner)
           Johnny Applehighseeds Score:153 (place 3 winner)
                      Flying Ace Score:151 (place 4 winner)
                         EEChick Score:146 (place 5 winner)
If     MEMPHIS beats  N CAROLINA in the final, then the possible winners are...
                       Kool Kats Score:147 (place 1 winner)
                        Juno Ino Score:146 (place 2 winner)
                           DC944 Score:142 (place 3 winner)
           Johnny Applehighseeds Score:141 (place 4 winner)
                         Shriner Score:140 (place 5 winner)
If      KANSAS beats     MEMPHIS in the final, then the possible winners are...
                        Belucky2 Score:146 (place 1 winner)
                        Juno Ino Score:138 (tiebreak=131)
                      Cobi's Dad Score:138 (tiebreak=133)
                           DC944 Score:134 (tiebreak=148)
              U Betta Believe It Score:134 (tiebreak=135)
If     MEMPHIS beats      KANSAS in the final, then the possible winners are...
                   Flip Fighters Score:144 (place 1 winner)
                       Kool Kats Score:139 (place 2 winner)
                        Juno Ino Score:138 (place 3 winner)
                           DC944 Score:134 (tiebreak=148)
                        Belucky2 Score:134 (tiebreak=129)

Still alive…

Well, not my entry, but myself.  Things have been very busy at work so there hasn’t been an update since Sunday, which must make your email box happy.  Will try to get the annual nickname issue out tonight and then we’ll see which of the 24 entries will be eliminated heading into the Final… which I’ll be in Tucson, BTW.

All # 1 Seeds… maybe

Memphis dominated Texas, who had the home court advantage playing in Houston, and even hit their free throws (again with a big lead there’s less pressure, but still). Barring a momentous collapse by Kansas to 10-seed Davidson, all 4 #1 seeds will make it to the Final Four for the first time since the field expanded to 64/65 teams.

Memphis’ win was picked by 39 (38 picked Texas in our closest matchup to date) and eliminated 14 entries and left just 8 vying for 1st place. With one Big 12 team knocked out, that leaves just three possibilities for the Bonus1: either the Big East wins with 11 wins (3 could win), the Big East & Big 12 ties with 11 wins (no one would win; go to Bonus2), or the Big 12 wins with… wait for it… 12 wins (5 could win).

UPDATE:  Wow.  Davidson gave Kansas a run for is money and denied LUSTIFULLY N LONDON! from getting his correct Davidson pick in the Final four… with all 4 #1 seeds advancing, a record 24 can still win money and a record 8 can still win 1st… SHRINER actually has 2 chances to win 1st (one outright, one in a tiebreaker)… Kansas’ win eliminated defending champ BACK2BACKHOPEFULLY, BAMAG2, and BRACKET BUSTER

The Dodgers and the NCAA

Was watching the end of the Dodgers-Red Sox exhibition at the LA Coliseum where they supposedly counted 115,300 fans (counted = anyone inside the stadium – they pushed the entrance fence further back so they can get more people in the concourses).  Looked pretty cool with the short left field fence and the “Screen Monster”.  The Dodgers, of course, lost.  Well, it was all for charity at least.   I bring this up because there’ an interesting article about how the NCAA is expanding seating for the Final Four (and testing at some Regionals such as Detroit this year) to an excess of 70,000 by putting the court in the middle and putting temporary seating courtside – for the fans.  At discounted prices.  Yes.  The most humorous part in the article was the claim that “Fans even in the farthest reaches were pleased with their ability to view the game either on the court or on giant flat-screen televisions placed strategically in the upper confines.”  So they couldn’t see the game, but they watched it on TV inside the dome… which they could’ve done at home for free.  Of course, you are paying for the atmosphere and to say you were there so who cares that you can’t actually watch the game.  But the fans will supposedly sit somewhere on the bottom which means those in suites will have a worse view of the game.  So the NCAA hits the high-paying customers.  Nice change of pace.

Saturday Basketball

If anyone wants to join myself (THE FABONE 14), MARATHONMAN, IWONTHISSH-T13YRSAGO, THE MIGHTY MOBELFAKTA, and THE FLYING ELVI in our weekly Saturday morning basketball games (in La Mirada, CA), let me know. Don’t expect any skill, just lots of exercise and fun.

OK, the pool…. UCLA’s win was picked by 86 entries and its win eliminated PERFECT PICKS and QUEENB leaving 43 in the running for money. The top stays the same. SHRINER, BAMAG, and PSW-SP have a 14-16% chance to win first (FLYING ACE drops to 11%). Just 17 entries can win first.

UPDATE: UNC’s win was picked by 75… FLYING ACE has now built a 5 pt lead over SHRINER with WOODEN_SOLDIER (won can’t win 1st) in 3rd… SLACKJAW and THEBIGDDOG were eliminated… just 14 can win 1st… FLYING ACE, SHRINER, and PSW-SP all have a 5 in 32 chance (15.6%) of winning first… interestingly, PSW-SP can only win 1st…

UPDATE: In the $40 Bonus1 race, the Big East lost its final team, leaving it with 11 wins… the Big 12 has 9 wins with both teams playing tomorrow (max: 14)… just 9 entries can win this (no one wins if the Big East & Big 12 both end with 11 wins)…

Individual Possibilities

If anyone wants to know what exact possibilities they need to win money, please post your request here (you do not need to register to post, just state your nickname) or the discussion board

For example, though I’m lamenting my horrible picks :oops: , my wife still has a shot for first. Here are her possible winning outcomes…

| Possible Tournament Results |
|<--------- Final 8 --------->|
|<--Final 4-->|
Entry       Place          1st 2nd
------------------------------- -----          --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
PSW-SP   1             Tx UNC Kan UCL Lou Dav Mem Xav
PSW-SP   1             Tx Kan UNC UCL Lou Dav Mem Xav
PSW-SP   5*           Lou  Tx Kan UCL UNC Dav Mem Xav
PSW-SP   1             Tx Lou Kan UCL UNC Dav Mem Xav
PSW-SP   1             Tx Kan Lou UCL UNC Dav Mem Xav
PSW-SP   1             Tx UNC Dav UCL Lou Kan Mem Xav
PSW-SP   1            Dav  Tx UNC UCL Lou Kan Mem Xav
PSW-SP   1             Tx Dav UNC UCL Lou Kan Mem Xav
PSW-SP   3            Lou  Tx Dav UCL UNC Kan Mem Xav
PSW-SP   1             Tx Lou Dav UCL UNC Kan Mem Xav
PSW-SP   3            Dav  Tx Lou UCL UNC Kan Mem Xav
PSW-SP   1             Tx Dav Lou UCL UNC Kan Mem Xav
PSW-SP   2             Tx UNC Kan Xav Lou Dav Mem UCL
PSW-SP   2*            Tx Kan UNC Xav Lou Dav Mem UCL
PSW-SP   2*            Tx Lou Kan Xav UNC Dav Mem UCL
PSW-SP   2*            Tx Kan Lou Xav UNC Dav Mem UCL
PSW-SP   2             Tx UNC Dav Xav Lou Kan Mem UCL
PSW-SP   2*           Dav  Tx UNC Xav Lou Kan Mem UCL
PSW-SP   2*            Tx Dav UNC Xav Lou Kan Mem UCL
PSW-SP   4*           Lou  Tx Dav Xav UNC Kan Mem UCL
PSW-SP   2*            Tx Lou Dav Xav UNC Kan Mem UCL
PSW-SP   4*           Dav  Tx Lou Xav UNC Kan Mem UCL
PSW-SP   2*            Tx Dav Lou Xav UNC Kan Mem UCL
* = subject to tie-break

And here is a link to the same file…

Blowout Friday?

Davidson and Texas seemed to cruise to victory… but how would I know? They had the stinkin’ Clippers game on 710 when it should’ve been the NCAA games. Davidson’s win eliminated XK2XBOILX (hopefully that’s the last time I have to type that) but Texas’ win eliminated 15 entries, leaving 51 vying for 5 money spots. LUSTIFULLY N LONDON was the only one to pick Davidson — and he has them in his Final Four! He now sits in a tie for 7th. Stanford’s loss also eliminated the Pac-10 from having a chance to be the winningest conference. No change at the top as 69 picked Texas.

UPDATE:  The Big 10 is also eliminated from being the winningest conference – it’s now between the Big East (11 wins) and the Big 12 (8 wins)… Chris B becomes the first of the 3 with 3 entries to lose all 3… with Memphis & Kansas demolishing their opponents at the half, six more will be eliminated…

Thursday’s Action

UNC’s win and Xavier’s win eliminated 3 entries (one being me, THE FABONE 14… I needed16 straight things to go right and the first game I lose (Xavier), although technically UNC won first, so I got that right)…

UPDATE: FLYING ACE now on top with 101 pts after UCLA & Louisville won… just 67 can win money and 34 can still win 1st… 7 lost TENN as their champ (including 2nd place FLYIN’ HAWAIIAN)…

$plitting the Pie

Well, we have 101 entries which means we have $1,010 to split (ok, we haven’t collected everyone’s fee yet but we trust you enough that this we are declaring it official that we have 101 entries).  Since we are adding a 5th place prize, the prize breakdown will be as follows:

1st:  $440
2nd: $220
3rd: $150
4th: $100
5th: $ 60
Bonus: $40

As you can see, we had to take a little from the top 4 to give to the 5th place but that still means one more chance to finish in the money.  This means that Van P. will still be our largest single winner ($450 last year).  Like last year, the Bonus will be given, either to the one who correctly guesses the winningest conference and exact wins or if no one wins that, the closest to the total points in the final.  So the 13 eliminated entries have the Bonus to look forward to (only non-winners (i.e., places 6-101) can win the Bonus.  The winningest conference will be explained in the email update later tonight.  Good luck!

One is the loneliest number

Possibilities report is up… only 13 have been eliminated while 55 can still win 1st. All fine and dandy. With the addition of the 5th place prize since we have 100+ entries, this has helped. There are 32,768 possible outcomes. Some, like FLYIN’ HAWAIIAN and FLYING ACE. have more than 16,000 possible good outcomes. So, I, THE FABONE 14, have exactly one chance to finish 5th. One. Maybe I should have nicknamed myself the Flying Fabone. In the history of the pool, no one has been given just one chance at this stage. It’s like the universe is saying, “Nah, your entry won’t die today, maybe the next day“. I don’t even know what that one chance is. Is it some rare combination where Western Kentucky defeats Villanova in the final or something else? I think it’s just cruel.

Sunday Action

Seven picked Villanova but there was no change at the top… After TX, TN, Davidson’s upset, and Western KY’s wins, FLYIN’ HAWAIIAN is now on top with 79 pts, 3 ahead of FLYING ACE, JUNO INO, and CUSTARD_PIE… Only QUEENB picked Western Ky into the Sweet 16 while 7 picked Davidson… Georgetown’s loss hurt THELITTLEDDOG who had them winning it all and four others who had them in the finals…

Update:  Standings have been updated…  more info including possibilities later… since we now have 5 winning spots, only 13 of 101 entries have been eliminated (so if you tore up your bracket, you may want to put it back together again)…