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  • $plitting the Pie

    Posted on March 24th, 2008 - 3:47 pm Scott No comments

    Well, we have 101 entries which means we have $1,010 to split (ok, we haven’t collected everyone’s fee yet but we trust you enough that this we are declaring it official that we have 101 entries).  Since we are adding a 5th place prize, the prize breakdown will be as follows:

    1st:  $440
    2nd: $220
    3rd: $150
    4th: $100
    5th: $ 60
    Bonus: $40

    As you can see, we had to take a little from the top 4 to give to the 5th place but that still means one more chance to finish in the money.  This means that Van P. will still be our largest single winner ($450 last year).  Like last year, the Bonus will be given, either to the one who correctly guesses the winningest conference and exact wins or if no one wins that, the closest to the total points in the final.  So the 13 eliminated entries have the Bonus to look forward to (only non-winners (i.e., places 6-101) can win the Bonus.  The winningest conference will be explained in the email update later tonight.  Good luck!

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