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  • Blowout Friday?

    Posted on March 28th, 2008 - 6:37 pm Scott No comments

    Davidson and Texas seemed to cruise to victory… but how would I know? They had the stinkin’ Clippers game on 710 when it should’ve been the NCAA games. Davidson’s win eliminated XK2XBOILX (hopefully that’s the last time I have to type that) but Texas’ win eliminated 15 entries, leaving 51 vying for 5 money spots. LUSTIFULLY N LONDON was the only one to pick Davidson — and he has them in his Final Four! He now sits in a tie for 7th. Stanford’s loss also eliminated the Pac-10 from having a chance to be the winningest conference. No change at the top as 69 picked Texas.

    UPDATE:  The Big 10 is also eliminated from being the winningest conference – it’s now between the Big East (11 wins) and the Big 12 (8 wins)… Chris B becomes the first of the 3 with 3 entries to lose all 3… with Memphis & Kansas demolishing their opponents at the half, six more will be eliminated…

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