Issue # 12.5.1 “Buzzer Beater Bank” (4/3)

Pac Attack or MizzouTgr11 2 will win the pool; 10 fighting for last 4 spots

Zags buzzer beater bank

FAMILY PICNIC, CA (smt) – Having just played double-digit seeds, #2MW-Houston ran into a buzz saw in #1S-Baylor and saw their 8-6 lead quickly disappear as the Bears had 10-0 and 11-0 runs in the first half.  Baylor ended the half up 45-20 and never let the Cougars get closer than 16 in a 78-59 rout for their first final appearance in 73 yeas (’48). 

In the nightcap, #11E-UCLA played nearly flawless but #1W-Gonzaga pulled out the victory on a long buzzer beater bank three in overtime, winning their 35th straight game, 93-90.  In the instant classic, UCLA shot 57.6% and Gonzaga 58.7% and committed just 10 turnovers each in the 183 point epic battle that essentially was a one score game the whole second half and overtime (Zags briefly by 7 in 2nd half and 5 in OT) and featured 15 ties and 19 lead changes.  UCLA played out the end of the 2nd half (no timeout) and got a whistle with one second left but it was a charge, not a block… it would’ve been more unlucky had the basket went in (nullifying a buzzer beater) or had it been UCLA’s 7th foul (it was their 6th) that would’ve sent the Zags to the line for the win.  So to overtime, UCLA’s third of the tourney.  If there was one thing to fault UCLA for, it was missing the front end of a one-and-one down by 4 two minutes into OT.  Ouch.  UCLA once again played out the end and this time Johnny Juzang (29 pts) put in his own miss with 3.3 seconds left to tie it at 90 after being down by 5.  Taking UCLA’s playbook, the Bulldogs also played out (no timeout) and saw three dribbles and a 42-foot running jump shot by Jalen Suggs magically banked in at the buzzer.

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Madness Begins

For the win… just short. #11aW-Wichita St’s buzzer beater shot hit the front of the rim (but why a 3 point if down by 1?) giving #11bW-Drake its 26th win, tying #1W-Gonzaga. Wichita St blew a second-half 12 point lead, a theme for the night. #16bE-Texas Southern rallied from a second-half 10 point deficit to win by 8. #11bE-UCLA rallied from a second-half 11 point deficit (down by 14 in the first half and by 6 with under 4 minutes left) to shock #11aE-Michigan St in overtime. #16aW-Norfolk St blew a second half 19-point lead but… rallied from their own 6-point deficit to squeak out a one-point win over #16bW-Appalachian St (who missed their first 19 3-point attempts (0/18 3PT but 8/8 FT in first half)). Norfolk St snapped a 3-game MEAC losing streak in the First Four (previous 3 lost by NC A&T) as the MEAC improves to 4-7. UCLA escaped from losing back-to-back First Four games. A great way to start after not having a March Madness game in the past 710 days.

We have 129 entries thus far which is close to our record-breaking pace in 2017 (178) but will likely fall between 155 and 170 entries. We typically have around 100 people and we are at 77, so hopefully at least 23 more before the 9 am PDT deadline.

In the 11th HWCI First Four for Charity contest (17 entries), Mike M anticipated close games for each (by 1 point) to win with a 3-1 record and low 14 point differential. Four were 3-1 and four were 0-4 (Eric F last with 50 pt diff). This was the third time no one went 4-0 (10 contests, last year was just pick the champ). Mike W actually picked two game exactly (Norfolk St by 1 and UCLA by 6) to finish 2nd (20 pt diff). 6 picked Texas Southern, 5 picked Drake, 7 picked Norfolk St, and 6 picked UCLA. All underdogs (by our picks) won.

Issue # 4.2.1 “Buzzer Beater Madness” (3/17)



M Star shoots back to top as 18 go 7-1

Houston-Michigan Buzzer BeaterCERRITOS (smt)- We got our first true buzzer-beater as a great designed play got the ball to Jordan Poole who fired off a spread-eagled three before the buzzer and nailed it to give #3W-Michigan a one-point 64-63 victory over #6W-Houston.  Houston missed both free throws before the play and couldn’t extend a two-point lead with 3.6 seconds left and they did not guard the inbound pass (I thought the famous ’92 Duke buzzer-beater made teams start to guard the inbound pass).  that wasn’t the only late-game drama as #11S-Loyola-Chicago blew a 10 point lead with 4 minutes left and trailed by 1 with 21 seconds left.  Clayton Custer took an off balanced jumper that hit the front of the rim, then the backboard, and then into the rim with 3.6 seconds left to give the Ramblers a 63-62 win over #3S-Tennessee.  The Vols, with no timeouts, took the inbound and actually had a great look at a 3 that was just long.  The South has now lost its #1, #3, and #4 teams.  Watch out #2S-Cincinnati.

#5S-Kentucky (ending game on 21-6 run after #13S-Buffalo got within 3), #1E-Villanova, and #2MW-Duke dominated second half for an easy win while #1MW-Kansas, #4W-Gonzaga, and #3E-Texas Tech all held on to narrow wins.  Six top seeds won today.

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Issue # 6.2.2 “Comeback of the Ages”


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bwakewey 1 joins The Resistance on top; Just 31 entries eliminated

Texas A&M v Northern Iowa - Last 44 secondsCERRITOS, CA (smt)- A whole paragraph for this game!  #3W-Texas A&M seemed defeated and #11W-Northern Iowa was hitting their free throws, the last two building the lead to 12 with 44.3 seconds left.  Crazy comebacks usually happen because:  1) opponent misses free throws (not true here since UNI didn’t even take a free throw in the final 44 seconds), 2) comeback team reigns in threes (not true here since TAM only hit one 3-pointer – amazingly, they only attempted two 3-pointers in the final 44 seconds and the first one was a miss before the 14-2 run), or 3) lots of turnovers.  Yup, that was it.  Four turnovers leading to 9 points.  TAM scored 9 points in 14.4 seconds.  There were two intangibles in play:  1) No timeouts (they called their last one before their first turnover) and 2) like a reliable placeholder in football, UNI’s inbound guy Matt Bohannon injured his left leg and was on the bench just before the collapse, and by the two inbound turnovers and two inbound passes that put guys in a tough corner, they needed him.

Poor Paul Jesperson, the half-court buzzer-beating hero in the last game.  He did not challenge two layups (foul trouble?), challenged one weakly and was called for a foul (3-point play), got the ball in the corner and proceeded to Continue reading »

Issue # 4.1.2 “The Return of the Buzzer Beater”

**Note this is a recap of Friday’s games, just now posted today


Friday, March 18, 2016  [Posted 3/21]

Buccos 1 one of 3 to go 13-3 to take the lead

St Josephs v Cincy - No buzzer beater (NBC Sports)SALT LAKE CITY, UT (smt)- Six double-digit seeds joined the four yesterday in a wild and crazy day.  In calmness, #10MW-Syracuse, #2S-Villanova, #10W-VCU, #13S-Hawaii, #2W-Oklahoma, #14E-Stephen F. Austin, #3W-Texas A&M, #1W-Oregon, and #2E-Xavier reached the 2nd Round.  In the biggest upset, especially considering most thought this was a #1 seed, #15MW-Middle Tennessee withstood a couple of #2MW-Michigan St. runs to become just the eighth #15 seed to win.  Middle Tennessee were 16 1/2 point underdogs, which doesn’t seem that large considering MSU was #2 in the AP poll.  #7S-Iowa made a critical mistake of missing a free throw and then fouling on a 3-point attempt with 2 seconds left allowing #10S-Temple to tie and force overtime.  Iowa had the last possession in OT and with the game tied and a put back off an airball at the buzzer gave the Hawkeyes the win.  #6W-Texas just tied the game with #11W-Northern Iowa so UNI tried a half court shot at the buzzer that banked in.  Then the last game of the night,, #9W-Cincinnati had the ball and a pass under the basket resulted in a dunk at the buzzer for the win… but although the ball was above the basket, the hand was still on the ball and it didn’t count.  #5S-Maryland, #7E-Wisconsin, and #6E-Notre Dame held off upset attempts.

Three went 13-3 today including Buccos 1 who now leads the pool with 54 ptsThe Resistance (3rd-Tied, 50) lost Continue reading »

Quick Start…

Three (EMAW, You’re My Boy Blue, Sexual Napalm) have jumped to an early lead, winning all 7 early games thus far.  11 are tied for last with just 3 wins (Villanova (barely), Kansas St., and Baylor).  I heard the buzzer beater by Murray St. but wished I could’ve seen it live, as buzzer beaters have been a rarity the past few years.

Another Two-Peat played his heart and lost his champ Florida.  27 picked Old Dom, 25 picked Murray St., and 55 picked St. Mary’s upset (though a favorite to do so).