Issue # 10.4.2 “West Coast Bias” (3/30)

Pac Attack still leads and is guaranteed 5th; record 27 still alive
 to win money

Three Misses at the Buzzer

FREE KRISPY KREME, GARDENA, CA (smt) – #1W-Gonzaga somehow got 10 more shots than #6W-USC eight minutes into the game (5 Trojan turnovers in the first 6 minutes) en route to a 25-8 lead and never let USC get closer than 13 the rest of the way en route to a 85-66 rout.  It was the Bulldogs’ second Final Four (’17) and their 34th straight victory, the last 27 by double digits. 

In the second game, #11E-UCLA used an 18-8 run to end the first half and then blew a 9-point lead before holding on for dear life three times in a 51-49 victory over #1E-Michigan.  One thing with UCLA, if you’re the opponent, you’ll get good looks for threes late – Alabama hit a game-tying three with less than a second left in the last game and Michigan had three good looks in the final seconds.  Trailing by just one and having the last possession, Michigan still decided to shoot a three which was air-balled with 12 seconds left.  Then trailing by just two thanks to a missed free throw, Michigan missed another wide open three with a few seconds left (the Bruins player kept running leaving the open three).  Then, thanks to a review that put 0.5 seconds back on the clock, a great drawn up play set up Michigan for another open three that just banked and missed at the buzzer.

Continue reading »

Issue # 15.6.1 “Nova Nation” (4/2)


2018 NCAA Champions
Villanova U. Wildcats#1-East
Boston, MA

Hosted by Boston College (ACC)
TD Garden
Villanova University Wildcats

3rd Title: ’85, ’16
2018 Winningest Conference
The Big 12 Conference

4th Time: ’03, ’08, ’10

Billiam, BamaG 2, and ChasCroix-1 join four winners who clinched Saturday

Nova NationGOODLAND HOTEL IN GOLETA, CA (smt)- Nine minutes into Monday’s game, #3W-Michigan actually had more three-pointers than #1E-Villanova (2 to 1) and built a 21-14 lead but then couldn’t hit a shot.  Villanova found their rhythm, hitting 3 of their next 4 three-point attempts and went on a 23-7 run to close the half en route to another double-digit win, 79-62.  After allowing Michigan to get a quick basket after the break, Villanova scored the next 7 points and never looked back.  The Wolverines tried to get back, cutting the lead to 12 but consecutive threes by Donte DiVencenzo (who had a record 31 points off the bench which was 24 more than Michigan’s whole bench) had the Wildcats back up by 18 with 7:55 left.  In the end, Villanova won their 3rd title and second in three years, hitting 10 more threes to extend their record of 28 threes in the Final Four and 76 in the tournament.

Villanova’s rout moved Billy T (Billiam), Greg J (BamaG 2), and Chuck D (ChasCroix-1) into the 4th, 5th, and 6th money spots.  The garbage time scoring in the end pushed the total points to 141 which gave Greg J 5th place over Chuck D.  Last year, Continue reading »

Michigan-Villanova Live!

Getting done with work here in Goleta and stopping somewhere to eat to hopefully watch the first half.  Philly Eagles Again (Champ), Slamjam51-3, and SacKings4Ever have already clinched money spots.  For pride, 42 have picked #1E-Villanova to win and two have picked Michigan.  Those two are STORMY Fever-Catch It! and We Fam!, coincidentally, both with explanation marks at the end of their nickname.  Both need the Wolverines to win to finish in the money.  Larzby also needs Michigan to win to hold on to a money spot.  Billiam, ChasCroix-1, and BamaG 2 need the Wildcats to win to finish in the money.  Either way, there is a tie for 5th and the total points in final tiebreaker will come into play.  Bonus already won by SamerTime.  So here we go…

1st, 15:30: Michigan coach “Weave 2 Poppy”?  MI 9-6.  Watching on the iPad from the Outpost restaurant. Hotel doesn’t have TBS so watching Michigan TeamCast on TNT.

11:00: MI 21-14. Mich has more 3s than Vil (2-1).

6:00: Vil hits 2nd three (both teams now 2/10), takes lead 23-21. Vil kept in game with 4 offensive rebounds (0 for MI).

Half: Vil ends half on 23-7 run, hitting 3 of their last 4 threes. Estimated total points is 130.

2nd 18:03: Vil on 7-0 run after spotting Michigan early basket. 44-30.

14:00: VIL another three, up 51-33. Estimated 129 pts.

11:58: Michigan battling, down 53-38. Estimated 130 pts. ChasCroix-1 would win 5th place tiebreaker and VIL win.

7:55: VIL nails another three, pushing lead back to 15 (59-44).  And another three, up by 18 (62-44). Both by Donte DiVincenzo. Estimate 133 pts. ChasCroix-1 would finish 6th (and BamaG 2 5th) if total points is 135+ 136+.

6:52: Michigan TeamCast complaining about Donte’s carrying-over and not getting called on it.  Donte human missing 2 free throws but makes 2 now.

5:37: Billiam, ChasCroix-1, and BamaG 2 are starting to count the money.  19 point lead (69-50).

4:23: Now Michigan TeamCast complaining about soft fouls on Wagner.  On the last one, Wagner didn’t even touch the guy and got his 4th foul.  71-52.

3:48: Another 3, Villanova up by 22 (74-52). Scoring up, now estimate 139 which would give BamaG 2 5th place.

2:00: Total points hit 137 (79-58), gives BamaG 2 5th place.  ChasCroix-1 will finish 6th.

10.7 sec: Benches empty.  Villanova 79-62.

FINAL: Villanova 79, Michigan 62 (141 total points). VIL hit 10/27 3s (9/18 after starting 1/9).  VIL 12-5 offensive rebounds.  All 6 wins by double-figures.  Slamjam51-3 finishes 2nd, SacKings4Ever 3rd, and Billiam 4th.  Congrats to all 7 winners!

Issue # 14.5.2 “24 Ticking Down” (4/1) (History of the Pool)


Our HWCI World Cup Pool begins in May...

2018 NCAA FINAL FOUR @ San Antonio, Texas
The Final at the Alamodome
Los Angeles, CA
Hosted by Pepperdine U. (WCC)
Staples Center
vs. #1-East
Boston, MA

Hosted by Boston College (ACC)
TD Garden
U. of Michigan Wolverines Villanova U. Wildcats
University of Michigan Wolverines (33-7) Villanova University Wildcats (35-4)
Big Ten Conference – Champs (Reg – 4th)
Ann Arbor, Michigan

7th Final (’65, ’76, ’89, ’92, ’93, ’13)
1-time champion
def #14 Montana 61-47
#6 Houston 64-63
#7 Texas A&M 99-72
#9 Florida St 58-54
#11S Loyola-Chicago 69-57
Big East Conference – Champs (Reg – 2nd)
Villanova, Pennsylvania

4th Final (’71, ’85, ‘16
2-time champions
def #16b Radford 87-61
#9 Alabama 81-58
#5 West Virginia 90-78
#3 Texas Tech 71-59
#1MW Kansas 95-79

Sunday, April 1, 2018  *** HAPPY EASTER *** or ***APRIL FOOLS! ***

Six battling for final 3 money spots as 3 have clinched and Bonus has been won

CERRITOS, CA (smt)- If #1E-Villanova can hit 13+ three-pointers like they have been doing, it will be a very long night for #3W-Michigan.  But if the Wildcats shoot like they did against Texas Tech, hitting just 4 of 24, a quality team like Michigan can easily take advantage.  So which Villanova team will show up?  Michigan has alternated between double-digit wins and close games while Villanova has won all by at least 12 points.  Michigan faced a #14 and then started facing worse and worse seeds, going from 6 to 7 to 9 to 11.  Villanova has been facing and dominating better competition, going from a 16 seed to 9 to 5 to 3 to 1.  As such, Villanova is favored by 7 points which for a single-elimination game, is pretty high.  The over/under is 145 points which will matter for the tie-breaker for 5th place (regardless who wins).

In our 24th year, for the fourth time we have our pool champion before the final and the first since 2013.  Bob G (Philly Eagles Again), after finishing as the bridesmaid in 2008 and 2012, will finally finish on top.  With the first place prize, he is now our top earner with $1,020 in 20 years.  That puts him ahead of Darryn B (Big Luther), one of only two 2-time pool champions, who has won $920.  Ron E (Slamjam51-3) will win money for the first time in his 11 years playing the pool (either 2nd or 3rd) and Janette H (SacKings4Ever) will win money in her first pool (either 3rd, 5th, or 6th).  Sam S (SamerTime) will win the $40 Bonus and be his second prize in 10 years.  The other three spots will either go to repeat wealthy winners Sam N (STORMY Fever-Catch It) (3 wins, $350), Jeff H (We Fam!) (3 wins, $340) and Lawrence M (Larzby) (2 wins, $605) or low earners Billy T (Billiam)(1st time in pool), Chuck D (ChasCroix-1) (just 6th ($85) in 2017), and Greg J (BamaG 2) (only has won $40 Bonus in 2013).  Ron E wins on his 3rd entry and Greg J would win on his 2nd entry, once again showing multiple entries usually do not have good showings in the pool.  Although Bob G was close, we still haven’t had a person place two entries in the money (including the Bonus).

If Michigan wins… If Villanova wins…
Place Amount Entry (Name) (Yrs in Pool-Won) Entry (Name) (Yrs in Pool-Won)
1st $620 Philly Eagles Again (Bob G) (20-2 (2nd ’08, 2nd ’12)) Philly Eagles Again
2nd $320 STORMY Fever-Catch It (Sam N) (21-3 (1st ’00, 5th ’10, 5th ’12)) Slamjam51-3
3rd $220 Slamjam51-3 (Ron E) (11) SacKings4Ever
4th $165 We Fam! (Jeff H) (15-3 (2nd ’02, 4th ’04, 5th ’08)) Billiam (Billy T) (1)
5th (or 6th) $120 SacKings4Ever (Janette H) (1) -or- ChasCroix-1 (Chuck D) (10-1 (6th ’17)) -or-
6th (or 5th) $ 75 Larzby (Lawrence M) (15-2 (1st ’09, 5th ’16)) BamaG 2 (Greg J) (13-1 (Bns ’13))
Bonus $ 40 SamerTime (Sam S) (10-1 (3rd ’11)) SamerTime

A little history on our Zlatan-ic pool… Continue reading »

Issue # 13.5.1 “Barrage of Threes” (3/31)


Philly Eagles Again clinches the 24th pool title and SamerTime clinches the Bonus

ZLATANLAND IN CARSON, CA (smt)- #3W-Michigan was behind by 10 with 14 minutes left but went on a 30-10 run aided by four 3-pointers (#11S-Loyola-Chicago only hit one the whole game) ending the Ramblers’ run, 69-57 in the first semifinal.  The Big Ten champs have not lost since Feb 6th (14 straight wins).  In the second semifinal, #1E-Villanova led 6-4 before… oh wait, they had 6 three-pointers to #1MW-Kansas’ four total points, building a 22-4 lead in out-gunning the Jayhawks, 95-79.  The Wildcats tied a Final Four record with 13 three-pointers made after just 17 minutes en route to shattering the record with 18.

For the first time since 2013 and just fourth time ever, we have our pool champion before the final.  Philly Eagles Again (125 pts) is ahead just enough to blunt a Michigan title challenge by STORMY Fever-Catch It (5th, 111).  Slamjam51-3 (2nd, 121) will get 2nd or 3rd, and SacKings4Ever (3rd-Tied, 115) will get either 3rd, 5th, or 6th.  We Fam! (12th, 105) and Larzby (3rd-T) need a Wolverine win and Billiam (6th-T, 110), ChasCroix-1 (8th-T, 107), and BamaG 2 (8th-T) need a Wildcat win.  While Bob G will win the pool he did lose a chance to become the first person to place two entries in the prize money (Bob’s Best Bets (35th-T, 98) missing out thanks to Kansas’s loss).  iWillLose (152nd, 62) got Villanova right and finally left last place, leaving Balls Dropped! and Paint Crew there instead (60).

Here are the final two scenarios:

If MICHIGAN beats VILLANOVA in the final, then the possible winners are...
             Philly Eagles Again Score:125 (place 1 winner)
           STORMY Fever-Catch It Score:123 (place 2 winner)
                     Slamjam51-3 Score:121 (place 3 winner)
                         We Fam! Score:117 (place 4 winner)
                   SacKings4Ever Score:115 (tiebreak=101 | 5th if <=122 | 6th if >=123)
                          Larzby Score:115 (tiebreak=144 | 6th if <=122 | 5th if >=123)
If VILLANOVA beats MICHIGAN in the final, then the possible winners are...
             Philly Eagles Again Score:137 (place 1 winner)
                     Slamjam51-3 Score:133 (place 2 winner)
                   SacKings4Ever Score:127 (place 3 winner)
                         Billiam Score:122 (place 4 winner)
                     ChasCroix-1 Score:119 (tiebreak=128 | 5th if <=135 | 6th if >=136)
                         BamaG 2 Score:119 (tiebreak=143 | 6th if <=135 | 5th if >=136)

For the $40 Bonus, Kansas’s loss means the Continue reading »

Issue # 12.4.4 “Two 1-Time Champs and Two #1s Battle It Out” (3/30)


1st ever matchup: LAFC v LA Galaxy

2018 NCAA FINAL FOUR @ San Antonio, Texas
First Semifinal Second Semifinal
Atlanta, GA

Hosted by Georgia Tech (ACC)
Phillips Arena
Los Angeles, CA

Hosted by Pepperdine U. (WCC)
Staples Center
Boston, MA

Hosted by Boston College (ACC)
TD Garden
Omaha, NE

Hosted by Creighton U. (Big East)
CenturyLink Center
Loyola U. Chicago Ramblers U. of Michigan Wolverines Villanova U. Wildcats Kansas U. Jayhawks
Loyola University Chicago Ramblers (32-5) University of Michigan Wolverines (32-7) Villanova University Wildcats (34-4) Kansas University Jayhawks (31-7)
Missouri Valley Conference – Champs
Chicago, Illinois

2nd Final Four (’63
1-time champion
def #6 Miami (Fla) 64-62
#3 Tennessee 63-62
#7 Nevada 69-68
#9 Kansas St. 78-62

Big Ten Conference – Champs
Ann Arbor, Michigan

8th Final Four (’64, ’65, ’76, ’89, ’92, ’93, ’13)
1-time champion
def #14 Montana 61-47
#6 Houston 64-63
#7 Texas A&M 99-72
#9 Florida St 58-54
Big East Conference – Champs
Villanova, Pennsylvania

6th Final Four (’39, ’71, ’85, ’09, ‘16
2-time champions
def #16b Radford 87-61
#9 Alabama 81-58
#5 West Virginia 90-78
#3 Texas Tech 71-59
Big 12 Conference – Champs
Lawrence, Kansas

15th Final Four (’40, ‘52, ’53, ’57, ’71, ’74, ’86, ’88, ’91, ’93, 02, ’03, ’08, ’12)
3-time champions
def #16 Penn 76-60
#8 Seton Hall 83-79
#5 Clemson 80-76
#2 Duke 85-81 (OT)

Five can win pool and 18 are still alive in race to finish

LEGOLAND IN CARLSBAD, CA (smt)- On the road to San Antonio, all four teams managed to get the automatic bid as their conference tournament champion.  Coincidentally, Loyola-Chicago and Michigan both won their tournaments a week before Selection Sunday and face each other in the first semifinal.  The Big Ten, in an effort to get their tournament at Madison Square Garden, held their tourney a week earlier than usual.  That’s because Madison Square Garden hosts the Big East tournament, which was won by Villanova.  Both Villanova and Kansas won the day before Selection Sunday, earned #1 seeds, and will face each other in the second semifinal.  This left only the SEC with their championship on Selection Sunday (oh yeah, the Pac 12 final was also on Saturday though it’s debatable if they are still one of the Big Five conferences after their poor showing) as more one-bid leagues have the championship on Selection Sunday.

Both Loyola-Chicago and Michigan faced their expected seeded teams in the first weekend but then faced #7 and #9 seeds in the second weekend.  Both have also won just one championship and are in the midwest United States.  Both Villanova and Kansas have faced their expected seeded teams within one rank (2/3, 4/5, 8/9) and will face each other, the best possible matchup.  Villanova has won all four games in double-digits while Kansas has won their last three games by four points, needing overtime vs. Duke.

As we look forward to crowning our 22nd different champion in 24 years, 18 entries are still hoping to finish in the top 6.  The difference between 1st and 6th is $545.  No one picked Loyola-Chicago but Continue reading »

Issue # 9.4.1 “No Doubt This Time” (3/24)


The Expanse Season 3 starts April 11 on SyFy

Larzby finally in front by 4 points with 81.3% chance to win money

Why no foul?ROSEMEAD, CA (smt)- After winning their first three games by a combined total of four points, #11S-Loyola-Chicago made sure to secure their Final Four berth routing #9S-Kansas St, 78-62.  In pushing the pace, the Ramblers had 15 turnovers and K-State converted on a lot of them, but Loyola-Chicago helped themselves by shooting 57.4% from the field and 50% behind the stripe (9/18) while the Wildcats shot 34.8% from the field.  Sister Jean and the Missouri Valley Conference tournament winners will go to San Antonio as the fourth #11 seed to make it.

#3W-Michigan was only pretty in short bursts but it was enough to hold off #9W-Florida St, 88-84.  The Wolverines went on a 11-1 run in 4:52 early in the second half to turn a one-point deficit into a 10-point lead and then a 7-0 run in 1:49 to build back a 10-point lead with 2:26 left.  But the rest of the time Michigan was sloppy (same for Florida St) and the Seminoles took advantage late to quickly score 8 of the next 9 points in 1:09 but could not get closer than 2 in the final seconds.  However, in the most bizarre sequence,  down by 2 with 24 seconds left, the Seminoles prevented Michigan’s poorest free throw shooter Zavier Simpson from getting the in-bound pass and allowed near 90% free throw shooter Duncan Robinson to get the ball instead and was fouled.  Simpson had already missed the front end of a 1-on-1 and missed 1 of 2 the last trip (why Michigan kept giving him the ball was a gift that kept on giving to FSU) and, so of course, Robinson easily nailed both free throws to put Michigan up 58-54.  After a missed 3-point attempt, Michigan got the rebound but the Seminoles did NOT foul, essentially giving up with 10.6 seconds left.  Maybe because it was Robinson who got the rebound and Florida St had no timeouts, the Seminoles felt they’d automatically be down by 6 with a foul but still, anything can happen.  At least try to steal the ball.

The second half was mostly ugly with FSU going without a FG for 5:44 early in the half then without a FG for 7:53 (staying in the game with 8 free throws) from 10 minutes to 2:07.  Michigan went 5 minutes without a FG midway through and none in the last 2:26.  Both teams shot under 39% from the field (Michigan 38.8%, FSU 31.4%) and under 24% from long range (FSU 23.5%, Michigan 18.2% (4 of 22 after making 14 of 24 their last game)).  In the last 1:38, Michigan missed twice on the front end of a 1-on-1 and made just 2 of 4 in their other free throw attempts (before Robinson coolly nailed 2 with 21 seconds left).

In the pool, Larzby was one of 33 to pick Michigan and moved into first place, topping the century mark (101 pts).  Philly Eagles Again moved into 2nd (97) and Billiam and Lady Chocoholic moved into a tie for Continue reading »

Issue # 4.2.1 “Buzzer Beater Madness” (3/17)



M Star shoots back to top as 18 go 7-1

Houston-Michigan Buzzer BeaterCERRITOS (smt)- We got our first true buzzer-beater as a great designed play got the ball to Jordan Poole who fired off a spread-eagled three before the buzzer and nailed it to give #3W-Michigan a one-point 64-63 victory over #6W-Houston.  Houston missed both free throws before the play and couldn’t extend a two-point lead with 3.6 seconds left and they did not guard the inbound pass (I thought the famous ’92 Duke buzzer-beater made teams start to guard the inbound pass).  that wasn’t the only late-game drama as #11S-Loyola-Chicago blew a 10 point lead with 4 minutes left and trailed by 1 with 21 seconds left.  Clayton Custer took an off balanced jumper that hit the front of the rim, then the backboard, and then into the rim with 3.6 seconds left to give the Ramblers a 63-62 win over #3S-Tennessee.  The Vols, with no timeouts, took the inbound and actually had a great look at a 3 that was just long.  The South has now lost its #1, #3, and #4 teams.  Watch out #2S-Cincinnati.

#5S-Kentucky (ending game on 21-6 run after #13S-Buffalo got within 3), #1E-Villanova, and #2MW-Duke dominated second half for an easy win while #1MW-Kansas, #4W-Gonzaga, and #3E-Texas Tech all held on to narrow wins.  Six top seeds won today.

M Star was one of 18 to go 7-1 today to take the lead with 75 pts.  Wuk2 and Bwakewey 1 are Continue reading »

Issue # 15.6.1 “I’m Luke Hancock, I’m Here to Rescue You”

Congrats to Louisville, a deserving champion (even though I didn’t pick them). Also, congrats to the 7 winners in our pool.

Prize Winner Nickname Money Won Yrs in Pool (# Ent) # Times Won (Total $)
1st Steve N The Rat Pack $530 8 (9) 1 ($530)
2nd Blakeley H #3 Bwakewey Cubed $275 4 (10) 2 (Bns ’11 $315)
3rd Kevin T Shake N’ Bake $185 8 (8) 2 (Bns ’09 $225)
4th Byron W Flying Ace $130 14 (14) 1 ($130)
5th Paul T Poolraider $90 9 (12) 2 (2nd ’05 $285)
6th Van P Lastminute $65 11 (11) 3 (1st ’07, Bns ’10, $555)
Bonus Greg J BamaG $40 8 (14) 1 ($40)

Read today’s update below (or original here):

2013 NCAA Champions
[U. of Louisville Cardinals]
(Indianapolis, IN)
The University of Louisville Cardinals
2013 Winningest Conference
[ Big 10 Conference ] The Big 10 Conference
Monday, April 8, 2013 
Issue # 15.6.1 "I'm Luke Hancock, I'm Here to Rescue You"
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Lastminute, Flying Ace, and BamaG join the winner’s circle
CERRITOS, CA (smt)- For the second straight game, the Cards fell behind by 12 points.  For the second straight game, a run of 3’s quickly cut down the lead.  And for the second straight game, Luke Hancock came off the bench to score 20+ points to lead the #1MW-Louisville Cardinals to a 82-76 victory over the #4S-Michigan Wolverines.  This was the Cards 3rd national title and Rick Pitino (recent Hall of Famer and soon to be tatoo’d) became the first coach to win titles for two teams.  In one of the most well-played finals in recent memory Continue reading »

Live Pool Blog: Louisville v Michigan

My wife and Rick Pitino jumped when they shot off the streamers!

LOU wins 82-76 (158 pts)!  BamaG wins the Bonus, Flying Ace 4th, Poolraider 5th, and Lastminute 6th.  Cliff Paul can curse the Wolverine poise. Pitino is 1st to win championships with 2 different teams.  LOU was supposed to be a force last year as well but late injuries before the tourney doomed their chances.

LOU 82-76 2 sec:  Good thing the tiebreaker is already decided otherwise these last few free throws could’ve changed things.

LOU 78-74 29.8:  Is there a 4-point shot I don’t know about?  Why is Michigan taking their time to foul?

LOU 78-74 1:20: Why is LOU panicking?  They had complete control. 152 pts thus far.  Unless MI makes a comeback, BamaG will win the Bonus, Flying Ace 4th, Poolraider 5th, and Lastminute 6th.

LOU 76-66 3:20: Hancock again!  MI may have the most 3’s from 25+ feet, but Hancock just drills 3 after 3.

LOU 71-64 4:54: Not looking good for Cliff Paul.  BamaG can taste the Bonus.

LOU 67-64 5:22: Both teams just had FGC-like alley oops.  What a good game so far.

LOU 65-61 7:00: Both teams shooting 54%, what a difference from when Butler was in the Finals.

LOU 58-56 10:00: Projecting to 152 pts now.

LOU 54-49 12:20: More ticky tack fouls against LOU.  And why can you throw the ball in the back court from the front court?

MI 46-43 15:57:  Projecting to 142 pts. Lastminute still would be out of the money if MI wins.  Krispy Kremer wins Bonus if LOU wins, husband-wife-dad of Belucky2, SpAva and The Fabone XIX would share Bonus ($13.33 each) if MI wins.

MI 46-42: After an early LOU 3 to put them up by 2, MI is back up by 4.  Frantic pace so far.

MI 38-37 halftime:  Another ticky-tack foul vs Louisville and the Wolverines barely lead at the half.  If it’s like the Super Bowl, it may be an hour before the 2nd half starts… more importantly, the 75 points projects into 150 total points which if LOU wins, gives Poolraider 4th, Flying Ace 5th, and Lastminute 6th and BamaG the Bonus.  If Michigan wins, Lastminute would be eliminated and Pride of Troy would win the Bonus.

LOU 37-36:  Why do you desert and leave Hancock open?  4 straight 3’s.  And a FGC-like dunk and the Cards have erased a 12-pt lead to lead by 1!

MI 36-32: 3 consecutive 3’s by Hancock and the game is close again.  Much earlier than their game vs Wichita St.

Seriously, it’s been over six minutes and the score hasn’t changed.  Not because of play, but because of awfully long commercials (one long break, a short play, and timeout again!)… no wonder network TV is going down the drain.

MI 33-21 3:51 1st: Once again, Louisville is off to a very slow start as Michigan is not only making shots but grabbing rebounds on shots they’ve missed.  But we know all too well not to count the Cardinals out.

Start:  I’ll be keeping tabs on the total points in final for the Bonus tiebreaker and 4th/5th tiebreakers.

Issue # 13.5.2 “Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready to Play, Today” ♫♫

Almost had a “Shocker” there, didn’t we?  Bada-boom!  Well, 4 of the 6 top spots have been claimed, 3 are going for the remaining 2.  Also, 25 entries are still alive for the Bonus, so be watching the game and counting the points.  So do you want the favorite or the underdog to win?

Today’s update (or read original):

Saturday, April 6, 2013 

Issue # 13.5.2 "Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready to Play, Today" ♫♫
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The Rat Pack wins the 2013 HWCI NCAA Pool
CERRITOS, CA (smt)- #1MW-Louisville and #4S-Michigan both had to rely on their bench to rescue their starter’s poor shooting in reaching Monday’s Final.  #9W-Wichita St stymied the Cards and then jumped to a 12-point lead with about 13 minutes left but Continue reading »

Issue # 11.4.2 “Michigan Dominates Early, Louisville Dominates Late”

Just one #1 seed joining 2 #4’s and a #9.  What a wacky tournament.  Disaster everywhere but for some reason, 3 can still win the pool (thank you Syracuse & Michigan lovers) making it still competitive in the final weekend.  Of course, with just 10 entries alive, 3 have guaranteed spots.  Which ones?  Read on (or read original)…

Sunday, March 31, 2013 ** HAPPY EASTER!!! **
Issue # 11.4.2 "Michigan Dominates Early, Louisville Dominates Late"
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The Rat Pack alone in 1st and 1 of 3 guaranteed money
HOME OF IN IT TO NGUYEN IT‘S MOM IN ALHAMBRA, CA / CERRITOS, CA (smt)- Before you could seemingly blink, #4S-Michigan built a 41-17 lead and when #3S-Florida was trying a comeback, Continue reading »

Issue # 9.3.2 “Incredible Comeback and Midwest Showdown”

If you notice on the right side now, you can now easily click the links for the latest Bonus Possibilities and the Worksheet, a green/red view of who got what picks right.  As always, if you longed to see yourself near the top of the heap in the past, Scott’s Updates is the Archive page for all information.  And if you’re wondering what Kansas was doing in the latter part of the game (probably what Memphis was doing in the ’08 championship game vs Kansas), call on Mystery Incorporated led by Scooby Doo (seriously, this is the best Doo yet with biting humor and an overall Lost-type mystery that plays out bit by bit in all 52 eps)!

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[The best reincarnation of Scooby Doo; airing final eps weekdays 5/4 ET/CT on Cartoon Network]

Friday, March 29, 2013 
Issue # 9.3.2 "Incredible Comeback and Midwest Showdown"
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ChasCroix and The Rat Pack nearly in the money
CERRITOS, CA (smt)- So you blew a 14-point lead with 6:50 left and an unfortunate free throw miss allowed you to blow a 5-point lead with 21 seconds left.  But you’ve dominated the paint (finishing with 60) yet in a tie game take your time to take a 3-pointer?  Then in overtime, Continue reading »