Issue # 16.7.2 “Youth Wins the Game and the Pool”

2012 HWCI NCAA Pool Update Also mixed in is my annual Nicknames issue.  So checks have been mailed (except for the one who hasn’t contacted me — looking at you Jon J) and checks have been cashed (except for the one that couldn’t be direct deposited by my phone — looking at you Byron W — now I have to actually physically go to an ATM).  Also, don’t forget about our first-ever HWCI Euro 2012 Pool starting in May!

126 breaks the tie

Congrats to Jane’s son Quinn D (aka, Quinnsanity) in winning the pool and $540!  Lots of Losers (Bob G) gets 2nd ($280) and Nwspring 1 (Nicholas S) gets 3rd ($190).  With the total points equaling 126, that breaks the tie for 4th (so SlackJaw (Jon J) gets 4th ($135) and Vodka-Its Not Real (Sam N) gets 5th ($90)) and 6th, including our first split-prize ever as Frumunda Mybalz (Andy F) and The Wife’s Picks (Megan J) will split $65 ($32.50), and thus each will get less than our Bonus Prize winner, SpAva (Linh T– my wife!  Let’s here it for the wives!), who won a 10-way tie for the Bonus by getting the correct conference (Big East), conference wins (13), and total points (126) to win $40 knocking her brother (Krimsonguard) out of the money.  Andy F wins for the first time in 15 years, Linh T for the first time in 11 years, and Jon J for the first time in 10 years.


7/8ths through the game (5:00 left), we are at 103 which is approx a pace to get to 117.  SlackJaw,  Frumunda Mybalz, and The Wife’s Picks are in good shape if Kentucky holds on.  Krimsonguard is on track to win the Bonus.  We’ll see how the last five minutes play out.


68 points at the half translates to about 136 at the end if the game for those in the tiebreaker. So do you want the pace to speed up or slow down?

Freeze frame

So what does Kansas do in the final few minutes that totally makes the other team change their play, make stupid mistakes, and fall apart?  Purdue, UNC, and Ohio St had the game in the bag… and all  lost.  Which is good news for Quinnsanity, Lots of Losers, and Nwspring 1, who are all now guaranteed money.  An interesting scenario if Kentucky wins as four will vie for 6th place with several possibilities of a split 6th place prize.  Who will win?

If KENTUCKY beats KANSAS in the final, then the possible winners are...

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Major Choke Job

UNC fell apart in the last three minutes with missed free throws, turnovers, missing every 3-pt shot, missing layups, and allowing offensive rebounds.  This sent Kansas to the Final Four meaning only #1 seed made it.  That leaves only 19 vying for money and only 5 can win 1st.  The full Final Four possible outcomes are below.

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