Issue # 3.1.2 “Rolling 11s”


Friday, March 17, 2017 

Air Fabone 23 sets record by winning 30 straight games; goes 31-1 for round

Round 1 - RecordsCERRITOS APT/CYPRESS, CA (smt)- If not for the 11 seeds, the tournament has produced very few surprises, and even some of the 11s were not surprises to our pool participants.  For the second time in the tourney and 13th time overall, #11E-USC rallied from a double-digit deficit to win, stunning #6E-SMU.  SMU led 53-43 before losing 66-65 missing a last second buzzer-beating floater.  #11MW-Rhode Island won making it 3-for-3 for the 11 seeds but #6S-Cincy prevented the sweep beating #11S-Kansas St. #10S-Wichita St, by far the most popular upset pick, struggled but won as did #9MW-Michigan St.  #7MW-Michigan St squeaked by while #2S-Kentucky, #3S-UCLA, and #7E-South Carolina used late game spurts to prevent an upset.  #3E-Baylor, #3MW-Oregon, #2MW-Louisville, #1S-UNC, #1MW-Kansas, and #2E-Duke advanced as well.

Another so-called controversial ending as #9S-Seton Hall intentionally fouled #8S-Arkansas in the final with 18.3 seconds left except, the player pushed instead of trying for ball resulting in a flagrant-1 giving the Pirates two shots and the ball.  While most of twitter and TNT host Casey Stern is a complete idiot, ignoring the experts repeatedly stating the trip was NOT part of call (it’s like those political pundits who only focus on a small part of the issue, not the real or big issue, just to make their point), if the player only TRIED for the ball (hit the arm), there is no issue here, even if the Arkansas player tripped and fell hard.  He had plenty of time to adjust and didn’t.  IMHO, this was worse than the intentional foul Vandy committed yesterday since it put Arkansas up two possessions with the ball while the former left a lot of time and still down by one basket.  And as the experts also stated which idiot Stern continued to ignore, the reason the officials called the common foul is that they can change a common foul to a flagrant-1 but they CAN’T change a flagrant-1 to a common foul, so in a game this important, the refs wanted to make sure they got the call right.

Air Fabone 23 kept on winning, eventually getting the first 30 games correct before South Carolina turned up the D and the O turning a close 3-point game into a 20-point blowout in the last ten minutes.  The original records were the first 22 games (Buckeye Mike ’09) and 23 games in a row (The Flying Elvi ’15) (Edit to add: The Swami (4th-Tied, 58) also won the first 23 28 games).  He also went 31-1 for the round breaking the previous reocrd of 30-2 shared by two and leads with 62 pointsSandit and King Kobra are second with 60 points.  With most favorites winning, Quinnsanity (8th-T, 56) went a perfect 16-0 (was tied for 100th yesterday) with 7 others going 15-1.  But three did go 9-7 and three are tied for last with 40 points.

With most favorites winning, only the two who had Maryland lost their champ(picked by locals).  It was worse for Continue reading »

New record set

After 24 games, we have only four upsets, with three of them picked by at least 68 of 178 entries.  Given that, there is only one entry left on top, as Air Fabone 23 (Scott T) has set a record by winning the first 24 games.  The Swami (Rick M) also set the record before Rhode Island’s win with 23 straight (previous was the first 22 wins by Buckeye Mike (Mike B) in 2009).  The 24 straight wins broke The Flying Elvi‘s (Brian S) record of 23 straight during the First Round in 2015.  Blind loyalty to his ala mater USC is the only reason he is still perfect.  USC’s win also kept intact a First Four winner winning a 1st Round game for the 7th straight year.

To root against or for him, his next 8 picks are:  Kansas, Wichita St, Duke, Cincinnati, Michigan St, Kentucky, Marquette, and UCLA (so 3 upsets on deck).

Issue # 2.1.1 “Luck of the Irish”


CBS's Survivor's 34th season is a Game Changers one with all returning players. Wednesdays 9/8c.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A record 6 entries are perfect as a record 178 entries vie for 2017 title

Day 1 - 6 perfectCERRITOS APT, CA (smt)- The day started off exciting with #12E-UNC Wilmington up by 15 and #12W-Princeton in a close game but in the end, #5E-Virginia woke up to win easily and the luck of the Irish was there a day early as the Tiger’s lined up for an open three at the buzzer that just went long to give #5W-Notre Dame the victory  After that everything continued to either go chalk with the exception of the consensus upset pick #12S-Middle Tennessee and #11W-Xavier.  There were struggles as #1E-Villanova (only led by a point at halftime) and #1W-Gonzaga didn’t get the routs they thought.  #4S-Butler, #7W-St. Mary’s, #3W-Florida St., and #4W-West Virginia won close games while #4E-Florida, #4MW-Purdue, #8E-Wisconsin, #2W-Arizona, and #5MW-Iowa St. won in double-digits.

The most bizarre ending was after going up by 1, #9W-Vandy’s Matthew Fisher-Davis thought they were down 1 and intentionally fouled #8W-Northwestern giving them two free throws with 15 seconds left.  Though a huge brain fart, that didn’t lose the game for them.  Northwestern still had to make two free throws which they did and Vandy had 15 seconds left.  A badly drawn three-pointer missed badly and Northwestern, who waited 78 years to play their first tournament game, is now 1-for-1.  NW won the game like the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl.  Atlanta made dumb mistakes but NE still had to go down the field twice and convert two two-point plays.  Vandy had 15 seconds left and took a bad shot.  That’s what lost the game.

PerfectionThe ho-hum day meant that we had a record six entries go a perfect 16-0.  We only had six in the previous 22 pools. and only two of those ended up winning money.  Air Fabone 23, Bobby Cee Racer, Hrosen2, Nwspring1, The Gambler, and The Swami go into the history books.  Scott T has done it back-to-back years and is the first person to do it twice.  Of course, last year, he finished 7th which was out of the money so a strong start is not indicative of success, money-wise.  There 15 others right behind at 15-1.  Fefe had a bad day, going 9-7.

We unofficially have a record 178 entries, topping 2015’s record by 17.  By going Continue reading »

The century mark

We just hit another milestone (by 4 pm, or Hour 67), getting our 100th entry courtesy of Alex J’s third entry Jackson’s Picks 3.  The earliest we have ever hit 100 was at 9 pm.  With 100 entries, that is above the pace of our record year in 2016 when we had 74 at this time.  We have received entries from 70 people, though only 8 are new players (welcome!).  It might be that there is no consensus team to win the title but we have already had 10 people submit the maximum of three entries (record:  11 in 2015) while 10 have submitted two entries (record: 26 in 2015).

Though I won’t discourage it (it increases the pot with these extra entries), but in the last 5 years there have 36 37 money spots and only 4 of those winners have won on their 2nd or 3rd entry.  And of the seven winners last year (top 6 + Bonus), all won on their first entry.  So you’re gut instinct is usually the one with the best chance.

Edit – it’s 37 money spots because we also had a tie for the Bonus in 2015 (I already accounted for the tie for 6th in 2012).

First Four Tipoff

It’s 3:40 pm and the first First Four match has tipped off, more than 42 hours after the earliest we have ever got the web entry up (9 pm Sunday).  At this time, we have 54 entries, which is 17 more than our previous best, 37 in 2014.  In our record-setting year of 2016 (161 entries), we had just 27 so we’ve doubled that.   The graph is time-based so, for example, you can see most people are sleeping between hours 25 and 33 (10 pm – 6 am).  The biggest increase in entries will be tomorrow from 9 am until 3 am Thursday (Hours 60 to 78) so that will be a better indication if we will top the 161 entries we had in 2016.

Speaking of topping the record number of entries, if we do that, I’ll donate another $25 to the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, this year’s HWCI NCAA First Four for Charity choice (charity meaning any non-profit).  We did get 16 entries so that’s at least $32 that will go to the conference.  I already got a good lead from Neil O (Dagger) for next year’s charity of choice so I can’t wait.

Also, if you want to see your bracket, you can click on “Your Picks” in the top menu.  These are all unofficial.

Buckeye Mike Perfect – Not a Good Sign

Buckeye Mike became just the 3rd person to go 16-0 on the first day.  The last two to do it, Bloomers123 and Blueberry and in 2003, finished the pool in 27th and 62nd (of 63), respectively.  But I’d rather be 16-0 than 10-6 as 4 are right now.  Standings have been posted (click on Standings button on menu) and the Scott Update will come very late tonight.  Too much to process.