Issue # 6.2.2 “Comeback of the Ages”


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bwakewey 1 joins The Resistance on top; Just 31 entries eliminated

Texas A&M v Northern Iowa - Last 44 secondsCERRITOS, CA (smt)- A whole paragraph for this game!  #3W-Texas A&M seemed defeated and #11W-Northern Iowa was hitting their free throws, the last two building the lead to 12 with 44.3 seconds left.  Crazy comebacks usually happen because:  1) opponent misses free throws (not true here since UNI didn’t even take a free throw in the final 44 seconds), 2) comeback team reigns in threes (not true here since TAM only hit one 3-pointer – amazingly, they only attempted two 3-pointers in the final 44 seconds and the first one was a miss before the 14-2 run), or 3) lots of turnovers.  Yup, that was it.  Four turnovers leading to 9 points.  TAM scored 9 points in 14.4 seconds.  There were two intangibles in play:  1) No timeouts (they called their last one before their first turnover) and 2) like a reliable placeholder in football, UNI’s inbound guy Matt Bohannon injured his left leg and was on the bench just before the collapse, and by the two inbound turnovers and two inbound passes that put guys in a tough corner, they needed him.

Poor Paul Jesperson, the half-court buzzer-beating hero in the last game.  He did not challenge two layups (foul trouble?), challenged one weakly and was called for a foul (3-point play), got the ball in the corner and proceeded to Continue reading »

Issue # 14.6.1 “Undefensable”


1st HWCI Women's World Cup Pool Begins in Mid-May

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2015 NCAA Champions

(Houston, TX)
Duke University Blue Devils
5th Title: ’91, ’92, ’01, ’10, ’15
2015 Winningest Conference
Atlantic Coast Conference The Atlantic Coast Conference
4th Time: ’04, ’05, ’10, ’15

Monday, April 6, 2015

 Big Luther becomes second 2-time Pool Champion 

EL SEGUNDO/CERRITOS, CA (smt)- Maybe the one-and-done team people should’ve been worried about was #1S-Duke, not #1MW-Kentucky.  The Blue Devils’ freshmen scored 60 of 68 points in their come-from-behind-aided-by-a-few-calls-here-and-there 68-63 win over #1W-Wisconsin.  With the Badgers up by 9 at 48-39 and Duke sitting  out Justise Winslow and Jahil Okafor due to foul trouble, 6′-4″ guard Grayson Allen turned up the heat scoring Duke’s next 8 points and he and fellow frosh Tyus Jones (game high 23) took command with a 27-10 run.  Wisconsin’s Sam Dekker picked the wrong time to have an off-game missing all six of his 3-pointers.  While the Badgers benefited on a shot clock violation no-call that wasn’t reviewable in their win over Kentucky, they were on the wrong end of a stepping out-of-bounds no-call that wasn’t reviewable late in the game.  Add in a tipped ball out-of-bounds that somehow refs never got to see during their review, the disparity in foul calls in the 2nd half, and the fact my 3-year daughter kept chanting “blue, blue, blue” instead of “red, red, red” like I told her to do, the Duke conspiracy theories are all atwitter.  But Duke’s tenacious defense never let Frank Kaminsky feel comfortable in the 2nd half and when Wisconsin needed quick baskets in the last minute, it took 10+ seconds to get a play off as Duke didn’t let them penetrate the key for a quick shot.  As long as I don’t have to hear “The Duke Univeristy” or “Dukkies”, I’ll be content.

As for the pool, Duke was picked by 8 people and 5 of the 8 ended up in the money.  Darryn B (Big Luther) becomes our second 2-time pool champion and Continue reading »

Wisconsin v Duke

Final:  Duke wins 5th title, 68-63.  The 131 points means Nwspring and Patton split the $40 Bonus.  For Patton, small consolation after losing 4th with Wisconsin’s loss.  Big Luther is our 2nd two-time champion.  PRIDE OF TROY takes 2nd and Dance Time Boyz takes 3rd.  Wuk3 wins tiebreaker to take 4th over Will I Ever Win This (5th).  Flying Ace wins 6th.

2nd <2′:  Sorry, kids are home.  Duke (let conspiracy theories commence!) roars to 8 point lead 66-58.

2nd 6:41:  We’re tied!  54 all.

2nd 10′: Duke’s battled back without their Okafor, down 51-50.  The 101 points projects to 134.  No change in Bonus.

2nd: 11:43: Wis 51-45.  Duke’s Grayson Allen single-handedly keeping Duke in the game with his aggressiveness despite his size.

2nd 13:17: Badgers largest lead 48-39.  Duke in foul trouble but lots of time left.

2nd 15′:  Badgers 44-39.  The 83 points projects to 133.  Never Winning (Wis) or Dropping Dimes/Krispy Seconds (tie) (Duke) in good shape.

2nd 18′: Wisconsin jumps to 38-33 lead.  Just got home from work and watching on phone since kids took iPad.  Badgers missing free throws?  Decker airballs?

Halftime:  31-31.  First tie in title game since ’88.  The 62 points projects to 124 and that would give RN the Bonus if Wisconsin wins and TURNOVER PRONE if Duke wins.

​Issue # 12.5.1 “Revenge is Sweet”


 – The Final @ Indianapolis (Lucas Oil Stadium) –

(Los Angeles, CA)
(Houston, TX)

Saturday, April 4, 2015   *** HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELUCKY2 ***


 Big Luther jumps to 1st and is only one guaranteed money; 10 others vying for remaining 5 spots 

FULLERTON/SANTA ANA, CA (smt)- #1S-Duke quickly trailed #7E-Michigan St 14-8 before going on a dominating 36-11 run to easily give Coach K his 9th finals appearance with a 81-61 win.  In a rematch of the 2014 Final Four, #1W-Wisconsin saw #1MW-Kentucky string an 8-0 run to go down 60-56 with 6:37 left but the Badgers answered back with their own 8-0 run to go up 64-60 with 1:06 left.  With perfection slipping away, the Wildcats had an offensive foul, missed a free throw, and shot a 3-point airball as the Badgers advance to the title game for the first time since 1941 with a 71-64 win.  Offensive rebounding, key 3’s, and a gift call on a basket after the shot clock ran to zero helped Wisconsin snap Kentucky’s 38-game winning streak. While not as young as last year, Kentucky fielded two Freshman, two Sophomores, and a Junior and again ran into a more mature team in Wisconsin (two Seniors, two Juniors, and a Sophomore) like they did last year in UConn in the title game.  Although I needed Wisconsin to win to have any chance at the pot (The Bracket Awakens), I would have loved Kentucky to go 40-0 as history is cool.

The Bracket Awakens (6th, 131 pts), Buccos 2 (16th-Tied, 126), Flying Ace (23rd-T, 124), and Baba’s Bad Boys (23rd-T) all got both teams correct (only 83 have done so before) and all but the latter still have a chance to win money.  But it’s Big Luther who Continue reading »

Issue # 10.4.1 “Close Doesn’t Count”


Saturday, March 29, 2015


 Will I Ever Win This leads by 8; only 8 can win it all 

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

CERRITOS, CA/CHINO HILLS, CA (smt)- Why Chino Hills?  Well, it has finally happened as my esteemed co-admin and co-creator of this pool, The Mighty Mobelfakta, has finally found someone to spend the rest of his life with and we couldn’t be happier.  Myself (’02 champ Gold Fabone) and my wife SpAva, our current leader Will I Ever Win This, last year’s champ Badzy (David’s sister), ’95 champ Bix Pix, Bramlet Aberchrombie and his wife (’99 champ Shary Bobbins), former players Jayloc and Uthpope, and The Flying Elvi were there to celebrate.  It was a wonderful ceremony and a great reception.  And it ended early enough for those to listen to the 2nd half of a Badger-Wildcat match that was dominated long-range by #1W-Wisconsin.  Helped by #2W-Arizona weirdly playing for the next possession despite being down by 5 and less than a minute to go that ended in a shot clock beating 3 by Wisconsin, the Badgers reached the Final Four for the 2nd straight year, beating the Wildcats in the Region Final for the 2nd straight year, 85-78.  Wisconsin hit 10 3’s in the 2nd half led by Sam Dekker’s 5 including two daggers in the last two minutes.  The Badgers missed 5 free throws in the last five minutes yet Arizona didn’t foul but allowed 30+ seconds to run off the clock each time.

In the second game, #3MW-Notre Dame gave undefeated #1MW-Kentucky everything they got but couldn’t build their lead bigger than 6 with 5:22 left.  The Wildcats slowly chipped away and didn’t panic as they calmly scored the last four points in the last 2:36 to stun the Irish, 68-66, to reach the Final Four for the 2nd straight year (4th straight time doing it (did not qualify in 2013)).  John Calipari has now led the only 3 teams with 38 wins (2 with Kentucky, 1 with Memphis) and could set a record of 39 with a Final Four win Saturday.  It’ll be interesting to see if Kentucky is now wounded with the close call or inspired and will finish the Final Four with ease.

There were 57 who went 2-0 including Will I Ever Win This who now has Continue reading »

Issue # 10.4.1 “Long Time Back to Final Four”


Watch the awesome Amazing Race Sundays 8/7 Central on CBS or catch the replay on TVGN with Survivor!

Bigtenfan2 is our new leader
CERRITOS, CA (smt)- #1S-Florida used a 19-3 run to end the first half in coasting to a 62-52 win over Cinderella-wannabe #11S-Dayton.  Florida GatorsIt’s the Gators first Final Four appearance since 2007 when they won the back-to-back championships.  Close calls in the final 3 seconds (a charge and a 50/50 ball out of bounds) put the refs center stage but #1W-Arizona failed to get a shot off in time in losing for the 4th time in the Elite 8 in this same Anaheim arena (’98, ’03, ’11).  #2W-Wisconsin’s 64-63 thrilling overtime win sends them to the Final Four for the first time since 2000.  The 1 vs 2 matchup lived up to they hype.

Wisconsin BadgersDidn’t see any of the Florida game but watched the last part of the second game.  It was nice to see a true big dominate (though listed as a forward, Frank Kaminsky was clutch, getting 28 pts and 11 rebounds) in a trend where finesse and shooting are in the spotlight.  Also, though I needed Arizona to win, Continue reading »