Freeze frame

So what does Kansas do in the final few minutes that totally makes the other team change their play, make stupid mistakes, and fall apart?  Purdue, UNC, and Ohio St had the game in the bag… and all  lost.  Which is good news for Quinnsanity, Lots of Losers, and Nwspring 1, who are all now guaranteed money.  An interesting scenario if Kentucky wins as four will vie for 6th place with several possibilities of a split 6th place prize.  Who will win?

If KENTUCKY beats KANSAS in the final, then the possible winners are...

                     Quinnsanity Score:144 (place 1 winner)
                  Lots of Losers Score:143 (place 2 winner)
                      Nwspring 1 Score:140 (place 3 winner)
                        SlackJaw Score:138 (tiebreak=146)
             Vodka2-Its Not Real Score:138 (tiebreak=147)
                 Frumunda Mybalz Score:132 (tiebreak=136)
                The Wife's Picks Score:132 (tiebreak=136)
                           Hendo Score:132 (tiebreak=152)
                      Paint Crew Score:132 (tiebreak=148)
If KANSAS beats KENTUCKY in the final, then the possible winners are...                      EEChick1400 Score:136 (place 1 winner)
                 Bobby Cee Racer Score:135 (place 2 winner)
                     Quinnsanity Score:132 (place 3 winner)
                  Lots of Losers Score:131 (place 4 winner)
                       Bigtenfan Score:128 (tiebreak=152)
                      Nwspring 1 Score:128 (tiebreak=148)
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