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  • All # 1 Seeds… maybe

    Posted on March 30th, 2008 - 12:55 pm Scott No comments

    Memphis dominated Texas, who had the home court advantage playing in Houston, and even hit their free throws (again with a big lead there’s less pressure, but still). Barring a momentous collapse by Kansas to 10-seed Davidson, all 4 #1 seeds will make it to the Final Four for the first time since the field expanded to 64/65 teams.

    Memphis’ win was picked by 39 (38 picked Texas in our closest matchup to date) and eliminated 14 entries and left just 8 vying for 1st place. With one Big 12 team knocked out, that leaves just three possibilities for the Bonus1: either the Big East wins with 11 wins (3 could win), the Big East & Big 12 ties with 11 wins (no one would win; go to Bonus2), or the Big 12 wins with… wait for it… 12 wins (5 could win).

    UPDATE:  Wow.  Davidson gave Kansas a run for is money and denied LUSTIFULLY N LONDON! from getting his correct Davidson pick in the Final four… with all 4 #1 seeds advancing, a record 24 can still win money and a record 8 can still win 1st… SHRINER actually has 2 chances to win 1st (one outright, one in a tiebreaker)… Kansas’ win eliminated defending champ BACK2BACKHOPEFULLY, BAMAG2, and BRACKET BUSTER

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