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Friday, April 8, 2011
Issue # 16.7.2 "Krispy Kremer Kleans Up" 
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Final thoughts combined with annual nickname issue

MONTEREY, CA/CERRITOS, CA (smt)-  The return of the traditional powers of UConn, UCLA, North Carolina, and Arizona did not bring back normalcy to the tournament as for the second straight year brackets were smashed early as top seeds fell early and a small school from Indy made the Final in back-to-back years.  One thing remained normal.  UConn is a high seed in the West Region and wins the title (#1 in '99, #2 in '04, #3 in '11).  Although the high number of bricks thrown up by both teams in the final was painful to watch (can't someone just slam the ball?  There were only 2 slam dunks the whole game), last year Butler led a poor-shooting, turnover-filled final with Duke.  Maybe it's not a good thing to have Butler in the final.

Although we have had four teams (out of 248 teams) win the title at least twice in our 17 years (Duke, Florida, UNC, UConn (3)), only one person (out of 256 people) has ever won 2 pool titles.  Roy W won our biggest prize ($515), is our 16th different champion and is now our 2nd highest money winner ($650) behind Robinson C (Team Samurai, $680).  David F got his 4th win for a total of $490 (tied for 6th).  The other five are first-time winners bringing our total to 54 different people who have won money.  Blakeley H became the first person in 21 tries to win money on his 3rd entry.  Charles D also entered three times and won on his 2nd entry making it 4 out of 21 overall winning when entering 3 times.

Well, with the lack of time and the incredible amount of entries (and the fact I almost had to call a boring nickname like "Craig" a champion), I've punted on the annual nickname issue.  But the nicknames won't go away as I'll use some of them for the final thoughts on this crazy tourney.  Also, with 16 issues, this is the fewest since 2000 when only 15 updates were issued.

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Until the road to New Orleans next year, thanks!

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