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  • Issue # 7.3.1 “Ramblers a Pretender, Pac 12 Rolls On” (3/27)

    Posted on March 27th, 2021 - 10:15 pm Scott No comments

    License to ILL regains lead while Mrs Meghan&Mr Meghan goes 4-0

    Oral Roberts Buzzer Beater Miss

    HOME EASTER EGG HUNT, CA (smt) – #12MW-Oregon St didn’t pay well but used an 11-0 run to end the first half to put away the hapless darlings of #8MW-Loyola Chicago, who did not know how to play as a favorite, rather than the lovable underdog.  There were no adjustments in the second half as the Ramblers just continued to struggle against the zone and shot just 33.3% and missed 7 free throws, seemingly missing a key one every time they had some momentum.  Other favorites had sluggish first halves as well, with #1S-Baylor scoring just 23 points in the first half but used a 14-2 run in the second half to hold off #5S-Villanova and #3S-Arkansas trailing by 12 in the second half to #15S-Oral Roberts before going ahead with 3.1 seconds left and surviving their second straight buzzer-beater attempt. 

    #2MW-Houston broke the zone and a 20-20 tie by scoring the last 10 points of the half and outscored #11MW-Syracuse 21-9 to end the game to advance to the Elite 8, winning by 16.  Houston’s three wins were against double-digit seeds (#15MW-Cleveland St, #10MW-Rutgers) and now will face yet another double-digit seed in #12MW-Oregon St, who wouldn’t be in the tourney if they didn’t win the Pac 12 tournament.

    In the pool, Mrs Meghan&Mr Meghan was the only entry to go 4-0 to go from a tie for 42nd to a tie for 4th (81 pts) but it was License to ILL who retook the lead with 88 pts.  Mr. & Mrs. Dreamboat is 2nd (84) and Ormonde3 is 3rd (82).  Go Beach! (162nd-T, 53) moved out of last place for the first time and Chiune Sugihara and Big Luther are now tied for last with 50 pts.  Big Luther was one of 9 to go 0-4 today.

    Mr. & Mrs. Dreamboat has a 31.9% chance to win the pool (no one else >10%) and a 70.7% chance to win money.  Mrs Meghan&Mr Meghan has a 47.8% chance to win money and 9 others have a better than 1 in 4 chance to win money.  Martlets2 (80th-T, 69) is the only entry with a chance to win the Winningest Conf Bonus (SEC with 12 wins) and she met the first criteria, as she is now eliminated from the top 7 money spots. 

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       Tids & Bits –  Two lost Villanova as their champ… 134 picked Baylor, 45 Arkansas, 104 Houston… Mrs Meghan&Mr Meghan and Pac Attack (4th-T) were the only ones to get Oregon St (Banana Corn (53rd-T, 72) and Julius Pringle (80th-T) missed out on Loyola Chicago)… Mrs Meghan&Mr Meghan was the 185th entry to go 4-0 in the first half of the Elite 8 while the nine who went 0-4 make 259 entries who have gone 0-4… Oregon St winning gave Pac 12 at least 11 wins (10 now, tomorrow’s winner between USC/Oregon) eliminated EEChick1400 (80th-T) from the Bonus… HTML clipboard Slamjam51 1 is 18th-T (77) but is eliminated while Shake N’ Bake (Houston over Gonzaga in final) is 155th-T (56) but can still win 5th… BamaG is 4th-T but can’t win the pool while KennyGUpsetSpectaculr (USC in final, Alabama & Arkansas in Final Four) is 134th-T (62) but can still finish 1st… three entries can still win 7th… Oregon St led just 24-16 at the half after their 11-0 run (5:48)… Oregon St shot a poor 41.2% but make their first Elite 8 since ’82… Arkansas made the Elite 8 for the first time since our first pool, in ’95… Houston’s last Elite 8 was ’84 and Baylor’s ’12… threes were a curse with Baylor just 3/19 (2/12 in the 1st half), Villanova 3/17, Loyola Chicago 5/23 (1/8 1st half), Oral Roberts 8/31 (after making 5 of their first 10), Arkansas 1/9, Syracuse 5/23… Villanova had 16 turnovers after posting a nation’s best low-8.8 average… Oregon St matched the 12 seed of Missouri (’02) in the Elite 8… Oral Roberts led 15-7 on five threes… Syracuse made just 14 field goals (14/50, 28%)…

    100 Easter eggs for four kids seemed excessive, but they had fun…

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