And we wait…

A few more days until the Final Four starts so hopefully everyone has gotten a good break from games. Don’t forget, 44-48 entries now have a chance to win the $40 bonus, so all hope is not lost. In the meantime, congrats to UNC for making the NIT final, which means they actually cared to play. And sorry for Oregon St. for not defending their CBI title.

High RPI? Try CBI!

Never say die. As if 97 teams in some tournament isn’t enough, along comes the College Basketball Invitational (CBI) which allows 16 more teams (even some under .500) to continue playing well into March. So we have the 64-team NCAA tourney (ok, 65, geez, that’s such an odd number (no pun intended)), a 32-team NIT, and now a 16-team CBI. What’s next? The 8-team Who Cares tourney? Then the 4-team Semi-Good tourney followed by the 2-team Automatic Final tourney and the 1-team We are the Champs tourney?

Meanwhile, at midnight, we have a record 19 entries for a Sunday-Monday timeframe. Six are new entries and seven are online entries (those who found us on the web somehow… and trust us!). I expect the regulars to be hitting the entries around Wednesday morning.