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  • Issue # 4.2.1 “Badgered & T’d”

    Posted on March 19th, 2017 - 4:41 am Scott No comments


    Saturday, March 18, 2017 

    King Kobra leads by a point over Hrosen2 while Air Fabone 23 deflates to 5th

    CERRITOS APT/NORWALK, CA (smt)- #8E-Wisconsin rallied from a 7-point deficit with six minutes left to stun the top overall seed #1E-Villanova, 65-62.  If you notice at the end, Wisconsin put players on the life for the free throw and after the miss, Villanova had trouble getting the ball out for a buzzer beating shot.  I never understood why coaches sometimes empty the foul line giving the opponent a free rebound if there’s a miss.  #4MW-Purdue blew a 19-point second half lead but rebounded their way to victory.  #2W-Arizona and #4S-Butler struggled to put their opponent away with each holding on for a 9-point win while #4W-West Virginia, #11W-Xavier, and #4E-Florida rolled to easy victories.

    Gonzaga goaltendingSeems like every day there is one big play that is debated.  #8W-Northwestern trailed by 20 early and rallied to cut it to three… oh, wait, no goaltending after all.  And add a dumb coach Chris Collins technical.  Momentum killed and now down by 7.  Collins said it should’ve been a 3-point game, well, without his running onto the court while the ball was live, it would’ve still been a 5-point game.  He made it a 7-point game with under 5 minutes left.  Congrats.

    Hrosen2 (2nd, 77 pts) and Biggie’s Back (3rd-Tied, 75) went 7-1 but it is King Kobra(78) who leads the pool by one.  The air went out of Air Fabone 23 (5th-T, 74) as he went 4-4 after a 31-1 first round.  Six picked Wisconsin and 17 picked Xavier in only two upsets of the day.  Fourteen (14) went 2-6 and Samurai Jack was one of them and is last with 46 points.  In fact Robinson C has the bottom two entries with Flip Fighters in 177th at 48 points.

    With Villanova out, 28 lost their champ and 24 others lost their finalist.  In addition, You Musta Forgot (151st-T, 57) lost champ #4MW-Iowa St., JynErso for Prez ’20! (127th-T, 59) lost champ #5W-Notre Dame, and Tom(173rd-T, 50) lost champ #7W-St. Mary’s.

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       Tids & Bits – Gonzaga coach Mike Few won his 500th game in his 18th season (Zags have made the tournament every year during his tenure)… the ACC which started with 9 teams is down to 3 teams, losing #5E-Virginia, #3W-Florida St, and #5W-Notre Dame… the Big 10 and Big East have 2 in the Sweet 16… all four #4 seeds won (117 picked Butler, 90 West Virginia, 89 Florida, 81 Purdue)…Quinnsanity‘s (8th-T, 71)16-game win streak was snapped with the first game today…

    4–4? That’s familiar territory for me…

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