You’re too good of a player to do that

Thanks, Coach K.  But there are 14 good entries that can finish in the top 6 including six who will win our 22nd pool. There are 8 possible outcomes and the tiebreaker information.  The tiebreaker is very key this year as it could decide 1st place and it could decide 6th place (and thus, some will miss out).

Ito will win the $40 bonus if Villanova or Oklahoma win the NCAA championship (ACC with 19 wins).   If Syracuse beats Oklahoma, Bob’s Ball Hogs wins the Bonus! Bob’s Ball Hogs will win money if UNC wins the title or if Syracuse beats Villanova (ACC with 20 wins).  Therefore no one picked the ACC with 20 wins and Bonus2 is in effect which is the closest to the total points in final.  The tiebreaker here is placement, so if there are multiple entries with the same tiebreaker (e.g., 144), then it’s the entry that has the most pool points (highest placement) that would win.  49 would be eligible to win this.

Edit: Corrected bonus.

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