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Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Resistance one of 45 to go 4-0 and is alone in 1st; First Four for Charity results

CERRITOS, CA (smt)- The same story.  The top seeds builds a big lead, the lower seeds fights back, then the top seed goes on a run and wins in a landslide.  #2S-Villanova, #2W-Oklahoma, #1S-Kansas, and #1W-Oregon won easily to setup a pair of 1 vs 2s in the Elite 8.  Not much else to say.

To make up the short summary, here is the round-up for the 6th HWCI NCAA First Four for Charity.  Vi P was one of six to go 4-0 and sneaked out the title by a single point over Tom J and Neil O.  The blowouts caused her point difference of 45 to be the highest of the six contests.  Scott T finished last in 21st place going 1-3 with a point differential of 81.  But the important part is that money is being raised for charity.  This year, at least $82 has been raised to support Star Wars: Force for Change.  I will round up to $100 if there are no more donations that come in.  In the six years, I have donated $299 to six different charities.  The best part is that HWCI NCAA patrons have contributed an additional $253 for a total of $552.  I try to vary the charities each year ranging from timely disaster relief (American Red Cross), serious illness research (American Cancer Society – Relay for Life, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation (Breast Cancer)), strategic/educational (MathCounts), personal (Friends of Renee), and humanitarian (Star Wars: Force for Change).  If you have ideas for next year, let me know.

HWCI NCAA First Four For Charity Contest  $552.00  $299.00  $253.00
Champion  W-L  PD Ent Charity Donated Scott Others
2011 David A 4-0 30 30

American Red Cross
(Japan Earthquake)
 $100.00  $74.00  $26.00
2012 Michael C 4-0 15 26

Relay for Life
 $83.00  $52.00  $31.00
2013 Cliff T 4-0 16 20

MathCounts  $96.00  $40.00  $56.00
2014 Giulio B 4-0 25 22

Friends of Renee  $69.00  $44.00  $25.00
2015 Kevin T  3-1 22 11

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation  $122.00  $47.00  $75.00
2016 Vi P 4-0 45 21

Star Wars: Force For Change  $82.00  $42.00  $40.00

As for the main pool, what if tomorrow never came for The Resistance?  In the first days of each round, he is 27-1.  Unfortunately, tomorrow comes and in the second days of each round he is 14-10 with at least two guaranteed losses tomorrow.  But he is alone in first with 102 points with Buccos 1 and Bigtenfan in second with 100.  45 went 4-0 as all four top seeds won but IamOnly11 (147th-Tied, 64) and DrNaismith (146th, 65) did go 0-4.  Billy Holye’s Socks is last with 62 pts with the previous cellar dweller TimW going 4-0 to rise to a tie for 133rd (72).  Zarinc (6th-T, 94) has the best chance for 1st (14.5%) but just a 22.9% for money while five have a better than 30% for money.  45 entries were eliminated leaving 73 with a chance for money while almost half the entries were eliminated for 1st (from 63 to 33).

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   Tids & Bits – 88 picked Villanova, 99 Oklahoma, 129 Kansas, and 105 Oregon… Villanova shot 63% (including 10/15 on 3s) but interestingly #3S-Miami shot 53% in the loss (including 10/17 on 3s)… 11 still have their Final Four intact while 17 only have one left… Bigtenfan still can get 7 Elite 8 teams in while QueenB (140th-T, 69) can only get one…

Day 1 gives me hope, Day 2 brings me to reality…

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