Issue # 5.2.1 “Comebacks Fall Short”


Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Resistance bounces back into 1st

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (smt)- #3S-Miami, #4w-Duke, #1MW-Virginia, and #1S-Kansas took big leads and then held on to win easily in the end.  #11S-Wichita St erased a 21-point deficit to Miami and #12W-Yale erased 22 of a 27-point deficit but both ran out of gas.  In the battle of teams who won’t face each other anymore, #5E-Indiana shut down #4E-Kentucky (and coach John Calipari’s mouth).  In the biggest upset, #11MW-Gonzaga easily handled #3MW-Utah (leaving #1W-Oregon as the lone Pac 12 team left) and makes the Sweet 16 for the 4th time as a double-digit seed.   #4MW-Iowa St and #1E-UNC won with ease.  The ACC is 10-1 with three more teams playing tomorrow.    A pretty good tournament as several teams shot well over 50% (Miami 55, Iowa St 57, Virginia 56, Gonzaga 56).

In the pool, eight entries went 7-1 including The Resistance who re-took the top spot (71 pts) and WatchMeDab who moved from a tie for 142nd to a tie for 93rd.  Stunticons (who fell from a tie for 3rd to a tie for 103rd) and Team Samurai (122nd-Tied, 54) only went 2-6.  However, TimW is still in last with 44 points.  Five entries lost Kentucky as their champ and one lost UConn (DenverChumps (142nd-T, 48)).  At the end of Sunday’s games, we will know officially which entries have been eliminated from the top 6 prizes.  Only 32 picked Indiana while 28 picked Gonzaga.

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   Tids & Bits – UNC is 33-1 in the state of North Carolina in the tourney… UNC made its 27th Sweet 16 and Duke its 25th… Virginia shot 18-of-21 from 2-pt range in the 2nd half with 32 points in the paint… Kansas has won 16 straight behind #14E-SFA’s 21 straight wins…  the Zags have won 10 times as a double-digit seed… 17 still have their Final Four intact while One and Won (134th-T, 52) is the only entry that lost both finalists… 35 still have 7 of their Elite 8 teams and Bob’s Ball Hogs (9th-T, 65) still has 14 of 16 Sweet 16 teams alive… Team Samurai only has 6 of Sweet 16 teams alive… a round of up the First Four will be early next week or you can find out who won now

I picked the Zags?  What meds was I on?  Let’s see — Z-pack, Ibu, cough drops…

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