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  • UConn vs Kentucky – Live

    Posted on April 7th, 2014 - 7:15 pm Scott No comments

    Halftime: UConn built a 15-point lead at 30-15 giving Badzy a great chance for 1st but at the half, Kentucky had cut the deficit to 4 (35-31) bringing Bigtenfan2 back into the mix.  One of these 2 will win our 20th HWCI NCAA Pool.  As for the Bonus, the 66 combined projects to 132 which would give LuckyNumberSlevin the $40 bonus.

    Start 2nd: Kentucky has trailed or been tied at the half in 5 of the 6 tourney games and we know how the other four ended up.  And a 3 puts the Wildcats within one.

    18:05: Geez, another monitor review.  Boy, dunks are hard for UConn.

    15:14:  UConn just up by 1 (37-36).  Slow going, projecting to 117 which would Coach K’s Recruiters the Bonus.

    12:45:  UConn dunk blocked again!  Kentucky needs to hit their free throws (6 of 13 while UConn is perfect 6-6). UConn 41-37.

    10:40: Kentucky’s first field goal in almost 5 minutes, still trail 48-42 (after made free throw).  The 90 combined points is about 120 at end of game which would give Pinkocean the Bonus (and her 2nd bonus).

    9:00: UConn’s Boatright’s injured.  Timeout. UConn leads 48-45.  Still on track for 120 pts.

    7:54: Since I harped on their free throwing, Kentucky has hit 6 of 7 to pull within 1 (48-47).

    6:00:  Back to back 3’s put UConn back up by five 54-49.  Kentucky still has never led.

    3:47: Kentucky had hit 7 of 8 free throws but have now missed 2 in a row (including the front end of a 1-on-1).  They get 1 more trailing 56-52 (and he missed).  Amazingly, still projecting to 120 pts.

    1:49: UConn slowing things down, Kentucky missing shots.  Now a key offensive rebound as the Huskies try to hold a 58-52 lead.  Now we’re projecting to 115 pts which would give Elizabeth the Bonus.

    25.1: UConn still hasn’t missed a free throw today (10/10) leading 60-54.

    0.0: Boy that last 25 seconds was a blur, before you knew it the game was over as Kentucky, for once, couldn’t get a late 3 to fall.  UConn are your champions and Karen F (Badzy) is our HWCI NCAA Pool champion!  She is our 5th female champion and first since 2010.  The 60-54 victory means 114 is our total points in final.  So Elizabeth W (Elizabeth) wins the Bonus!  So who wins 6th?

    0.0: With Badzy out of the way and the low total points total, Rick F (Fabio) easily won the tiebreaker to take 6th, leaving Paul T (The Downtown Fiction) and Don M (Wooden-Soldier) penniless.  Benjamin D (Bigtenfan2), Randy E (Hawkeye), Ken B (Beyond Elite 8), and Eric F (ShivaBlast) each dropped a spot to claim 2nd/3rd/4th/5th.


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