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  • Catching up

    Posted on March 22nd, 2013 - 12:29 am Scott No comments

    Well, my business review is over and it went well.  Drove almost two hours from Pax River in Maryland back to Tyson’s Corner in Virginia.  Got a very good filet, crab bisque, and very fresh scallops (and I don’t care for scallops).  Then walked about 5 miles in DC in sub-freezing weather.  So now, playing catch-up with the pool.  First of all, sorry to everyone if you’re an Apple fanboy/girl and couldn’t load the java applet to see the bracket but thanks to you for being flexible and taking pictures with your smartphone (yes, even iPhones) and sending it to us.  I think I’ve finally entered the last of them delaying David in posting the standings.  If it’s not up soon, then check tomorrow morning.

    So it’s weird that at dinner, only half the games have been completed (here in the EDT).  Or is it weird that I was watching the last of the Cal-UNLV game on my Galaxy Nexus standing next to one of the columns of the Lincoln Memorial.  I previously posted my (The Fabone XIX) and David’s (The Mighty Mobelfakta) picks on Facebook.  Due to rushing to work this morning, I neglected to post my second entry (Les Miserables Entree) which is living up to its name as it has already lost two Sweet 16 teams in addition to the 4 losses today.  Miserable indeed.

    I will probably type up my update on the flight home.  Who everyone picked and team choice distribution and nicknames will be posted this weekend sometime.  If you haven’t paid yet, I won’t get that sorted out til this weekend. BTW, I’m very disappointed American Airlines still has old planes that do not have personal TVs.  So no NCAA watching on the plane.

    Lastly, we unofficially have 131 entries which falls short of the 134 we had last year.  It was the first time since 2003 (and second time overall) we did not increase in the number of entries.  Of course, we already know the culprit.  The 14-year old java applet.  There were probably almost 10 entries out there we could’ve had if the person had more time to take a picture/screenshot and email it to us.  We’ll have some alternative way next year of entering if you’re insistent of using a Mac or some select Android phones.  We aren’t going to stage this pool on ESPN or another site because that would take away the personal touch of this pool.

    So good luck to everyone and remember you aren’t eliminated yet!  Sunday night, that’s a different story…

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