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  • Number 134

    Posted on March 20th, 2012 - 12:25 pm Scott No comments

    So thanks to Apple, I had to manually enter several brackets because of Mac issues.  Doing this after only a few hours sleep every day something was bound to slip.  So there is a 134th entry as pictured, turned in on time and even better, paid for (both her husband and her mentioned there were two entries but it didn’t register with me).  So we now have 134 entries.  Fortunately, no one got eliminated due to this, so 101 are still alive to win money though I bet some of you wanted to be put out of your misery.  The issue was the two nicknames she used were “Buckeye23” and “TheBuckeye23” which with tired eyes looked the same (and the fact she never had entered twice before).  But at least it’ been corrected.  Actually, I still have one more run to the P.O. Box (mainly to collect checks) so there is still a very minute chance someone actually mailed in their entry (postmarked Thursday AM or earlier).  Haven’t had one of those in ages.  So standings will be updated later today for 134 entries.

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