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  • Issue # 2.0.2 “First Four For Charity – Relay For Life”

    Posted on March 12th, 2012 - 4:35 am Scott No comments

    For the second straight year, we are doing a short contest for the First Four which starts 3:40 pm PDT tomorrow (Tuesday).  For the past several years, I’ve participated in Alhambra, California’s Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society (link:  If you could indulge me, please send your picks for the four First Four games and margin of victory for each (e.g., BYU by 10 pts).  Your entry is free and for every valid entry I get, I’ll donate $2 per entry (I’ll donate a minimum $50) on behalf of HWCI NCAA Pool (I’ll use this as my middle name and hopefully my credit card will still go through).  Even if you don’t care about bball, just send in your picks anyway.  Last year, 30 entries were received (some who didn’t even enter the regular pool) so $60 was donated (turned out, at the end, with other’s help, $100 total was donated!).  Best of all… no nicknames to come up with!  I probably won’t have time to figure out the winner til the weekend but it will help if you reply directly to this email or put in the subject line “First Four picks”.  Deadline is 3:30 pm PDT Tuesday (tomorrow)! I’ll post my pick on the website ( later tonight.


    NAME (First, Last):

    WINNER & MARGIN OF VICTORY: Mississippi Valley (MVS) vs Western Kentucky (WKY)


    WINNER & MARGIN OF VICTORY: Lamar vs Vermont

    WINNER & MARGIN OF VICTORY: California vs South Florida


    Thanks!  The winner gets bragging rights as the second HWCI NCAA First Four Champion.  Winner is the most correct picks with the tiebreaker the lowest margin of victory difference (above or below).

    You can also just comment on this post and put your picks there.  Simple and for a good cause.

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