Netflix's Squid Game - Best TV show in 2021!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Issue # 11.4.3 "Red Light, Green Light"
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The best TV series in recent memory has lots of lessons to be learned

DELTA SKY WAY OPERATIONAL READINESS TRIAL, LAX TERMINAL 3, CA --  In the surprise hit Netflix show "Squid Game" (오징어 게임), recruiters searched and found 456 players who start out competing for 4.56 billion won.  In the NCAA season, 358 teams start out competing for 68 spots in the tournament.  In the TV show, there are six main games to find a winner(s) while the NCAA tournament features six rounds (not including First Four) to find one winner.  But in both versions, at times you can help each other (build up conference quality for better chance at at-large bids) or hurt others (major upsets), but at a certain point, it's everyone for themselves (one-bid conference final, tournament time).

I haven't done a themed update for the NCAA Pool in 8 years.  As we head to the Final Four, I'm going to reset that clock so here are my thoughts on the pool and tournament, Squid Game-style (note:  I tried to avoid spoilers in this list, but the links below could lead to spoilers)... 

Episode 6, oh my gosh, never felt such heartache and kept thinking there was a "trick" and everything was going to be okay...

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