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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Issue # 8.2.4 "Now the Fun Begins"
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Sixteen awards as excitement continues Thursday

CERRITOS, CA (smt)- While last weekend was a chance to jockey for position, the real points (66 possible) are earned this weekend in just 12 games. Just eight entries do not have a chance of the big money or the Bonus Prize. That means eight will just enjoy the games while the rest will be stressed out. Can BASKETBALL JONES hold onto the lead despite losing UNC in her Final Four? Can SUZNANA pull off the 2 in 32,768 odds and claim 1st?

The games will be interesting. Memphis will continue playing mid-major teams when they face Bradley while George Mason will get to play near home (DC) in their match vs Wichita St. All four #1 seeds are alive for the 2nd straight year but all 4 #1 seeds have never (with 64/65 teams) advanced to the Final Four. Villanova will face off against former Big East member, Boston College, who now reside in the ACC. While no surprise there are 4 Big East teams in the Sweet 16, what is the Missouri Valley Conference doing with two teams in? And the last time no Final Four team from last year is in the Sweet 16? 1988. Strange, indeed.

In random order (heh, like some picks)...

  1. THE INIGO MONTOYA AWARD: Adam Morrison, Gonzaga. Don't know why, and I think his mustache was thicker a while back, but I just picture him saying "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father: prepare to die."
  2. THE "IT COULD HAPPEN, RIGHT?" AWARD: Jen C (aka, ANGRY HAWAIIAN). She was the only one to pick a #16 team, choosing Albany over UConn. Scary part? It almost happened.
  3. THE BAD DAY FOR THE CONFERENCE AWARD: Tie... Big East on Day 1 (0-3) and the Big Ten (first time no teams in Sweet 16 since 1996).
  4. THE GOOD DAY FOR THE CONFERENCE AWARD: Tie... ACC on Day 1 (4-0), the Big East on Day 2 (5-0), and the Missouri Valley Conference (2 teams in S16).
  5. THE BIGGEST FALL AWARD: Delisa S (aka, DTERP). From the end of the 1st Round to the end of the 2nd Round, fell from a tie for 2nd place to 80th place.
  6. THE BIGGEST RISE AWARD: John C (aka, JINX). From the end of the 1st Round to the end of the 2nd Round, rose from a tie for 50th place to a tie for 11th place.
  7. THE WHEN DOES CBS TELEVISE WOMEN'S BASKETBALL AWARD: Joakim Noah, Florida. I turned on the TV and saw a woman running down the court and I thought maybe I was on ESPN for the Women's tournament. Then, I realized it was just Noah with his hair in a pony tail.
  8. THE EASY ROAD AWARD: Florida. Have beaten #14 South Alabama and #11 Wisconsin-Milwaukee and will face #7 Georgetown.
  9. THE YOUR POD IS MY PAD AWARD: Tie... UCLA, Florida, Villanova, and Duke. All played close to home and it helped them hold on to some tight games. Only Ohio St. failed to close out, losing to Georgetown in nearby Dayton, OH.
  10. THE WHEN WILL IT BE OVER AWARD: No, not ANGRY HAWAIIAN. A tie... Brian Z's second entry, PAC10ATTACK, who only has 2 of his Elite 8 teams alive. And to Ken G (aka, G-DOGG) who lost 3 Final Four teams and has the least max points possible at 87 (currently at 65).
  11. THE GIANT KILLER AWARD: George Mason. They knocked off two '05 Final Four teams (Michigan St, UNC).
  12. THE WHO'S WHO AWARD: Tie... Three Wildcats, Two Bruins, Two Huskies, Georgetown / George Mason / George Washington / Washington, and Southern / Southern Illinois / Illinois.
  13. THE OVERSEER AWARD: Robinson C's 3rd entry, SAMURAI JACK. He was the only to pick both Wichita St and Washington into the Sweet 16.
  14. THE BAD TIME TO GLOAT AWARD: Tie... 1st to Reyshawn Terry, UNC. After UNC turned the ball over six straight possessions to start the second half, Terry broke the streak by hitting a 3-pointer and proceeded to stop in his tracks and stare as if to say "take that". Unfortunately, UNC's 7-pt lead had disappeared and UNC coach Roy Williams was there to witness it and had to literally go on the court and slap him back into the game and play defense. And to Jermaine Wallace of NW State and one of his teammates for celebrating his clutch game-winning 3-pointer vs Iowa. Problem? There was still 0.5 seconds left and play continued right after the basket but Iowa missed the shot.
  15. THE THANK GOODNESS THEY'RE OUT AWARD: Iowa. Those bright yellow uniforms were awful.
  16. THE PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS AWARD: Iowa. They blew an 17-point lead with less than 9 minutes in the game vs. Northwest St.

16 teams, 12 days, 1 survivor...

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