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  • Issue # 9.4.1 “Rally and Rout” [Pub: March 29]

    Posted on March 29th, 2023 - 11:43 am Scott No comments


    Saturday, March 25, 2023 

    Samurai Jack
     remains in the lead with 103 pts; Just 19 entries still alive

    UConn routBELLINGHAM, WA (smt) – #9E-Florida Atlantic had 22 turnovers yet went on a 13-1 run in three minutes to erase a six-point deficit to beat #3E-Kansas St, 79-76, to reach their first Final Four with their 35th win of the season.  FAU hit their last four free throws and KSU could not get off a shot at the end of the game for a chance to tie.  FAU is the third #9 seed to make the Final Four.

    #4W-UConn quickly turned a 7-point halftime lead into a massive 33 points in routing #3W-Gonzaga, 82-54, in making their 6th Final Four, all in our pool era (’99, ’04, ’09, ’11, ’14).  They have won all four games by 15 or more points.  The Bulldogs were a very uncharacteristic 33% from the field and 2/10 from three.  With both #3 seeds falling, only #2MW-Texas is the lone top 12 team left.

    5 lost Gonzaga and Wax Drip (151st-Tied, 68 pts) lost Kansas St as their champion.  33 went 1-1 (since no one picked FAU to make the Final Four) which means 161 went 0-2.  Samurai Jack stayed in the lead with 103 points with EMAW 2nd (101) and Jah Lives-2 3rd (99). 

    With 32 possible outcomes, just 19 are still alive.  Only 3 can still win the pool with Samurai Jack with a 50% chance and EMAW and Jah Lives-2 each with a 25% chance.  Jah Lives-2 joins Samurai Jack with guaranteed money with four others with a 75% or better chance to finish in the top 8.

    As for the $40 Bonus, the Big East picked up its 10th win while the Big 12 lost one team.  So the Big East can still get 14 wins while the Big 12 can still get 12.  70 can still win the Bonus while 112 have been eliminated from money and Bonus.

    March Sadness is 4th (98) but can’t win the pool.  Kds911-3 is tied for 10th (89) but is eliminated while Kona Coast Go Fish is tied for 80th (77) but can still get 8th place.  Leader Samurai Jack is the highest entry without a champion (Alabama). 

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       Tids & Bits – FAU is the 9th #9 or worse seed to make the Final Four (1 #10, 3 #11)… Kansas St lost its 8th straight Elite 8 game… just 9 of 58 games were one possession games (3 point margin or less) while 30 were double-digit wins… just 1 overtime game and no buzzer beaters (yet)… UCLA has the largest margin of victory (33) while Kansas St scored 98 points… today, entries averaged just 0.17 wins… 33 picked UConn and no one FAU… just one So Cal team alive (San Diego St)… That’s Right is last with 34 points… Gonzaga’s loss eliminated 10 entries…

    First time axe-throwing, pretty cool (you can throw small metal axes and knives as well)…

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