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  • Issue # 9.4.1 “Chalk?” (3/26)

    Posted on March 27th, 2022 - 2:10 am Scott No comments


    Mia Culpa lead cut to 7 and loses champion; 24 still alive

    Arkansas cheerleader hopes for NIL money, too

    VISITING HAWAII-COUSIN IN TORRANCE, CA (smt) – In a game between #2S-Villanova and #5S-Houston that was even in most categories including horrendous shooting (28.8% to 29.8%), rebounding (38 to 39), assists (6 to 7), and turnovers (10 apiece), it came down to 3-point (23.8% to 5%) and free throw (100% to 64.3%) percentages, as the Wildcats advanced to their third Final Four in six tourneys with a 50-44 win in the pro-Houston crowd of San Antonio.  Villanova never trailed though Houston briefly cut an 11-point deficit to 2 (42-40) with 5 1/2 minutes left.

    After #4W-Arkansas pulled within 5 (53-48), #2W-Duke went on a 19-6 run to give Coach K his 13th Final Four (in 47 seasons as coach) in the 78-69 victory.  Arkansas played well (hit all 12 free throws, more offensive rebounds/assists, less turnovers) but their poor defensive allowed Duke to shoot a hot 54.7%.  The only Razorback solace is that once again, a cheerleader (from Arkansas) saved the day by knocking a stuck ball above the backboard, and from the happy look on her face, maybe eyeing a NIL (name, image, and likeness) deal like the first cheerleader (from Indiana) got.

    The top seeded teams (both #2) actually won, keeping the upsets off the table for the first time.  As such, 7 entries went 2-0 as Mia Culpa‘s lead (115 pts) was cut to 7 (in addition to losing his champ, Houston) with Frost Toasted (2nd, 108), Tarheel Blue Balls (3rd, 105), and Barbs (4th, 99) moving up by each going 2-0.  These four are also the only people who can win the pool.  No one else clinched a money spot (Tarheel Blue Balls is close at 90.6% and Barbs at 84.4%) but Frost Toasted improved from finishing no worse than 7th to no worse than 4th.  Four others have a better than 1 in 4 chance to win money.

    Bucky is 5th (96) but can’t finish higher than 5th place.  Barbs is 4th but can still win the pool.  Lady Chocoholic and Pac-10 Rules! are tied for 8th (93) but are eliminated while SlumDawg3 is tied for 54th (81) but can still finish 4th.

    For the Bonus, 22 are still alive to win the $40.  Technically, 20 since Mia Culpa and Frost Toasted will be ineligible since they will win money.  Currently, the ACC has 11 wins and the Big 12 10 (remember, the First Four ACC win does not count).  Thus, the Winningest Conference could be the Big 12 with 12 or 13 wins, the ACC with 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 wins, or the Big 12 and ACC tied with 11, 12, or 13 wins.  Remember, if the Big 12 and ACC tie, you need to have picked both conferences.  Thus, no one has the ACC with 13, 14 (Mia Culpa is ineligible), 15, or 16 wins, and no one has the ACC and Big 12 tied with 12 or 13 wins.  Tarheel Blue Balls has the ACC and Big 12 tied with 11 wins (also Big 10 but not applicable here) but is nearly guaranteed money (90.6%), thus this scenario could also not have a winner.  If no one wins the Winningest Conference, then Bonus2 will take effect which is the closest total points tiebreaker, meaning more entries could suddenly be eligible.

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       Tids & Bits – 24 picked Villanova and 27 Duke… entries got an average of only 0.30 with 125 going 0-2… the Big 12 is 10-5, the ACC 12-2 (11-2 in proper 64), Big Ten 9-9 (8-8 in proper 64), SEC 5-6, Big East 6-5, American 4-2, WCC 3-3, Pac 12 4-3, Atlantic 10 1-2, and MWC 0-4 (0-3 in proper 64)… of the 58 games, just five were one possession losses (not including regulation tie of an overtime game) (Creighton and St. Peter’s by 3 each, Miami by 2, and Illinois and Michigan St each won by 1)… Tarheel Blue Balls can get a max of 145 pts while Bulba (169th (last), 51) and E Chu Ta (167th-T, 57) can only get 57… Mia Culpa lost Houston as its champ and BeLucky2 (54th-T, 81) lost Arkansas as his finalist… EmilyBama2 (26th-T, 86) is the only entry of the 7 to go 2-0 who is already eliminated… Tarheel Blue Balls still has a chance to become just the 23rd entry to go 4-0 in the Elite 8 (needs Kansas & UNC)… Villanova makes its 7th Final Four and Duke its 17th… Houston missed their first 9 three-point attempts and their last 10 (1/20 for the game)… Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski picked up his 101st tournament win and 1,202nd overall win…

    At my cousin’s, rooting for Arkansas (my dad’s BeLucky2‘s slim chance for 4th) and Duke (my son’s Spoonceer’s (37th-T, 85) slim chance for 7th) though only one could win…

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