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  • Issue # 9.4.1 “The Other #1 and the Other Pac 12 Team”

    Posted on March 26th, 2017 - 10:57 am Scott No comments


    Saturday, March 25, 2017 

    Dagny Taggart takes lead and is one of 7 who can win pool

    CERRITOS APT (smt)- #1W-Gonzaga hit 7 three-pointers in the first half and never looked back in beating #11W-Xavier, 83-59.  It was the Zags 23rd win by 20 or more points (yes, most in the WCC, of course).  Of the four #1 seeds, the Zags were the least likely to survive with hot #2W-Arizona in the region.  Speaking of Arizona, the Pac 12 had two popular picks to make it far and it would’ve been three if Oregon didn’t suffer the season-ending injury to Chris Boucher.  But Boucher or not, #3MW-Oregon scored the last 8 points in the first half to build an 11-point halftime lead and held off #1MW-Kansas, 74-60 and remains the last Pac 12 team standing.

    Dboyz17 was one of eight to get both games correct to move into 1st place (118 pts) with GonzagaGirl and Jbwsaijo tied for 2nd (115).  97 went 0-2.

    19 lost Kansas as their champ and 82 more lost them in their Final Four.  No one will get all four Final Four teams while at least 31 will go 0-for-the-Final-Four.

    There are still 33 entries that can finish in the top 7 and just 7 can still win the pool.  Danny Taggart has the best chance to win the pool (31.3%) with GonzagaGirl right behind (25.0%). However, it’s GonzagaGirl who has the best chance for money (75.0%) with four others with at least a 50/50 chance.

    Despite being 5th (110), Sisyphus86 can’t finish higher than 3rd.  Despite being tied for 118th place (90), Gators Resurgence can still win something.  Despite being tied for 16th place (107), Parched Fatness can still win the pool.  Despite being tied for 9th place (108), Hronsen2, SlumDawg, and King Kobra can’t win money.

    As for the Bonus, no one will win Bonus1 and Bonus2 will be in effect.  The Bonus2 is the total points in final contest and if there is a tie, the higher placement entry will win (e.g., if two entries get the correct total of 144, the one who is 20th will win over the entry who is 45th).  Full possibilities will be posted after the semifinals next Saturday.

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       Tids & Bits – 66 picked Gonzaga, 13 Oregon… 31 entries can’t get any more points while GonzagaGirl could reach a total of 149… #4E-Florida hasn’t played a better seed yet (#12-UNCW, #5-Virginia, #8-Wisconsin, #7-South Carolina)… everyone averaged just 3.37 wins for the 3rd round (much less than the 23-year average of 4.0 and lowest since ’14 (3.36))… the South has remained chalk from the Sweet 16, the top 4 seeds making the Sweet 16 and the top 2 seeds making the Elite 8… Tom C’s (Tom (167th-T) African son’s Cal-Bakersfield has advanced to the Final Four in New York, facing ACC’s Georgia Tech in the first semifinal on March 28th…

    Who to root for?…

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