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  • Issue # 5.2.1 “Wildcats 2-1; Other Cats, Dragons & Dogs 0-4”

    Posted on March 22nd, 2015 - 3:53 pm Scott No comments


    Saturday, March 21, 2015
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     18 go 6-2 as Bucksilious and TURNOVER PRONE tie for 1st 

    REDONDO BEACH/CERRITOS, CA (smt)- Today was kind of painful as the games were so spread out that to only have 8 games over 12 hours seemed ridiculous after enjoying the 16 game barrage the past two days.  Considering I was in meetings all day, I guess this turned out to be okay, especially with the first 3 games being blowouts in the end.

    The Pittsburgh pod turned the best games as #3MW-Notre Dame and #6MW-Butler exchanged opportunities but remained scoreless the last 2:56 heading into overtime.  The Fighting Irish pulled away leaving the ACC still undefeated at 9-0.  In the second game at Pitt, #1E-Villanova lived and died by the 3, falling to #8E-NC State, 71-68.  The Wildcats had the ball down by two (after another one of those head-turning turnovers by NC St.) and instead of going quickly for the tying basket, they played like 20-point underdogs, playing the clock under 35 seconds and tried to go for the win, missing a 3-pointer.  The other Wildcats won easily with #2W-Arizona and #1MW-Kentucky advancing.  Blazers, Panthers, Bearcats, and Bulldogs all fell today.

    #6W-Xavier held off the pesky darlings from #14W-Georgia St (in college, it seems like the coaches are highlighted much more than the players) while #5S-Utah and #4W-UNC held off late challenges.  The team experts thought should not have made the field, #11S-UCLA, rolled to a victory over #14S-UAB to make its second straight Sweet 16 and left the Pac-10 perfect at 7-0.

    All six entries that were perfect yesterday fell with UCLA’s win and snapped Ceasefire’s (65th-Tied, 63 pts) 22-game win streak, tied for 2nd longest in HWCI NCAA history.  Bucksilious and TURNOVER PRONE were 2 of 16 to get 6 of 8 games correct to move into a tie for first with 74 ptsLoophole also got six correct to move from a tie for 138th to a tie for 93rd (60).  In terms of maximum possible points (started with 196), Bucksilious and PRIDE OF JOY (3rd-T, 70) could get 178 while TimW (139th-T, 54)) can’t get more than 109 having lost Villanova as his champ and Iowa St in the Final Four.  Nine people lost ‘Nova as their champ and 27 more lost them in the Final.

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       Tids & Bitsthe ACC and Pac-12 remain perfect, at 9-0 and 7-0, respectively… the Big East lost 3 teams today (1-3, 5-5 overall)… two went 2-6 today (I Have BILL’s Emails (154th-T, 50)) and Suznana (139th-T, 54))… Kentucky is the first-ever 36-0 team… the Bonus Prize details and prize distribution will be announced next week…  UCLA made #11s 5-0 vs #14s with game ending with a margin of victory of 13 or more…

    Kids excited to see me!  No time for update Saturday night :-)..


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