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  • Issue # 8.3.1 “History Repeats… Again”

    Posted on March 28th, 2014 - 2:23 am Scott No comments



    52 go 3-1 but Hawkeye remains in first 
    CERRITOS, CA (smt)- The selection committee wanted this and they got the 4th go-around between #1S-Florida and #4S-UCLA and for the fourth time, the Gators won.  It was very odd in the atmosphere of the arena as even when the Bruins were making a run cutting a 11-point deficit to one, the crowd never got behind the underdogs.  To cap off a bad day for SoCal, #1W-Arizona held off #4W-San Diego St. with a late surge.  In the battle of double-digit seeds, #11S-Dayton is the lone mid-major in the Elite 8 holding off #10S-Stanford (the Pac 12 went 1-2 today).  The Flyers avoided the home game in the First Four and will face the Gators.  #2W-Wisconsin won handily over #6W-Baylor, holding them to 16 points in the first half and will face the Wildcats.

    With three top seeds winning, 52 went 3-1 for the day including GoGoGodzilla (46th-T, 87 pts), who was the only one to pick Dayton but missed on Wisconsin (picked Creighton).  Hawkeye had an off day going 2-2 but reached the century mark (100) and holds a slim two point lead over Nwspring 1.  Bigtenfan2 is in 3rd (96), Wooden-Soldier is in 4th (95), and yours truly, The Fabone XX is in 5th (94).  Only 17 entries were eliminated meaning 87 still have a chance at the top prizes and 43 still have a chance to win the top prize of $555.  Three went 0-4 (First Four Out (125th-T, 71), Ican’tLose (121st-T, 72), Oyler (113th-75)) but AirDingus is still in last (62).

    Hawkeye still has the best chance to win 1st (18.5%) and money (64.4%) but six others still have at least a 5% chance to win 1st and 23 others still have at least a 10% chance to win money.

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    Tids & Bits  The 4th Annual HWCI NCAA First Four for Charity benefiting The Friends of Renee was won by Guilio B who was the only person to go 4-0 and a write-up will be in a future update… including the First Four, there have been 6 OT games thus far… 10 still have 7 of their Elite 8 left and 50 still have their Final Four alive… Four lost 2 Elite 8 teams… Ican’tLose (UCLA, Baylor) and Nikki (SDSU, UCLA) (93rd-T, 79) both lost 2 Final Four teams. with the latter joining MilasFila2 (78th-T, 74) as the only two so far that will go 0-for-the-Final-Four (the 335 & 336th entry to do so)… Samurai Jack is tied for 90th (80) but can still win the pool while Luke I am Your Father is tied for 6th (93) but can’t win 1st!… The Comebacker is tied for 15th (90) but can’t finish in the top 6 while MB Camel Jockies is tied for 128th (70) but can still win 5th!… Bonus1possibilities will be posted after the 4th round is complete tomorrow but 88 are still alive with 29 entries that won’t win money or the Bonus1

    5th is the highest I’ve been in a long, long time … 

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