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  • Issue # 4.2.1 “Three Point Drought”

    Posted on March 23rd, 2014 - 4:05 am Scott No comments

    GoGoGodzilla is perfect 8-0 but Hawkeye has 5 point lead
    ALHAMBRA/CERRITOS, CA (smt)- #1S-Florida won its 28th straight game and kept the SEC unbeaten (5-0, 4-0 not including First Four). Meanwhile, #3S-Syracuse’s 25-0 start was a lifetime away as the Orange lost their 6th game in their last 9 games falling to #11S-Dayton. The Flyers may have trouble putting games away but Tyler Ennis (of 3-pt buzzer beater vs Pitt fame) of Syracuse hogged the ball in the last seconds taking an ill-advised long jumper down by 1 and then when only down by 2, taking a off-balance long 3-pointer with a few seconds left. As a team, Syracuse was 0-10 from 3-point range and 1 for 19 outside the paint. #5MW-St. Louis also went 0-fer from 3-point range (0-for-15) in losing to #4MW-Louisvlle. #4W-SDSU, #2MW-Michigan, #2W-Wisconsin, and #4E-Michigan St all played tight games before pulling away comfortably late. #7E-UConn put on a show putting away #2E-Villanova.

    I was thinking the coach was to blame but then ‘Cuse coach Jim Boeheim basically threw Ennis under the bus. Wow.

    GoGoGodzilla became our 36th entry to go 8-0 and went from a tie for 118th to a tie for 24th (66 pts). Nine went 7-1 including our leader Hawkeye who has now built a 5-point lead (77). Bigtenfan2 and HopScotch are tied for 2nd while The Mighty Mobelfakta, The Rat Pack, T Raw, and Poolraider are tied for 4th with 71 pts. Go Deep went 2-6 to go from a tie for 97th to 137th (50). Princess Kahlo is still in last with 46 pts (but went 4-4). Just 18 picked UConn while 5 picked Dayton. All six favorites who won had at least 103 of 138 picking them. ‘Nova was the first 2 seed to fall and 3 had them as champion and 22 had them in the Final Four.

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    Tids & Bits The 4th Annual HWCI NCAA First Four for Charity benefiting The Friends of Renee was won by Guilio B who was the only person to go 4-0 and a write-up will be in a future update… including the First Four, there have been 6 OT games thus far… The Rat Pack went 5-3 but only fell from 1st to 4th … 11 lost Syracuse in the Final Four with Joker’s Wild (122nd-Tied, 55) losing them as champion… ND St didn’t have a field goal in the last 5 1/2 minutes (scoring just 1 pt)… people have gone 8-0 on the 2nd day of the Round of 32 but no one has done better than 14-2 for the round… Boeheim because the first coach to lose to a double-digit seed 6 times… we won’t know which entries are officially eliminated until after Sunday’s games, so you still have hope!…

    At one point at In It To Nguyen It’s (15ht-T, 68) mom’s house we had the TV on CBS and two other games on my iPad Air and Don’tTouchMyMustache’s (24th-T, 66) Windows Surface tablet…

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