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February Fabone
Winningest Conference(s): Big 12, Big East | Wins: 12

 South Midwest 
Alabama Houston
16  Texas A&M CC   Alabama Houston   North Kentucky 16 
Maryland   West Virginia Auburn   Iowa
West Virginia   Alabama Houston   Auburn
San Diego State   San Diego State Indiana   Miami FL
12  Charleston   San Diego State Miami FL   Drake 12 
Virginia   Virginia Indiana   Indiana
13  Furman   Alabama Houston   Kent State 13 
Creighton   Arizona Texas   Iowa State
11  NC State   Creighton Iowa State   Pittsburgh 11 
Baylor   Baylor Xavier   Xavier
14  UCSB   Creighton Xavier   Kennesaw State 14 
Missouri   Arizona Texas   Texas A&M
10  Utah State   Utah State Texas A&M   Penn State 10 
Arizona   Arizona FINAL FOUR Texas   Texas
15  Princeton   Alabama Texas   Colgate 15 
Purdue   Marquette UConn   Kansas
16  Play-In 2   Purdue Kansas   Howard 16 
Memphis   FAU FINAL Arkansas   Arkansas
FAU   Purdue Alabama Kansas   Illinois
Duke   Duke Texas UConn   St. Marys
12  Oral Roberts   Duke VCU   VCU 12 
Tennessee   Tennessee UConn   UConn
13  Louisiana   Purdue CHAMP UConn   Iona 13 
Kentucky   Marquette Alabama UCLA   TCU
11  Providence   Kentucky Tiebreaker = 144 Play-In 4   Play-In 4 11 
Kansas State   Kansas State   Gonzaga   Gonzaga
14  Montana State   Kansas State Gonzaga   Grand Canyon 14 
Michigan State   Marquette UCLA   Northwestern
10  Southern Cal   Southern Cal Boise State   Boise State 10 
Marquette   Marquette UCLA   UCLA
15  Vermont UNC Ashville 15 
 East West 

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