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Friday, March 29, 2019 
Issue # 8.3.2 "Tigers Shoot the Threes"
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ChuckPersonCellBlock holds on to lead while just 18 can win the pool

VT Ahmed Hill just missesHOME/CALIFORNIA SCIENCE CENTER, CA (smt)- After #3E-LSU went on a 13-0 run to cut #2E-Michigan St.'s lead to four, MSU went on a 16-5 run to break the game back open for a 80-63 victory.  MSU hit 13 of 32 three-pointers while LSU will now try to find another coach with Will Wade still suspended.  After #1MW-UNC got within six, #5MW-Auburn hit five straight three pointers as part of a 16-3 run to break the game open in their 97-80 rout of the Tar Heels.  With the Tigers hitting threes and at one point were just 2 of 10 from the free throw land, it's a wonder why UNC did not try to foul instead of letting the Tigers launch three after three (17 of 37 overall).  One thing about teams who win often such as UNC is that they don't know how to play from behind.  Down by 10 with 7 minutes left and the ball, UNC took 10-20 seconds each possession and made poor shot choices (including a very long 3).  UNC didn't start fouling until it was under 3:30 and down by 11 and to Auburn's credit, they did hit six in a row but still finished under 50% (8 of 17).

#1E-Duke survived another nail-biter, 75-73, with #4E-Virginia Tech as the Hokies missed two threes and then an easy layup for the tie as the buzzer sounded.  It seemed like no one told VT's Ahmed Hill that the refs put 0.5 seconds back on the clock (so 1.1 left) as he seemed to jump and just tip it with two hands near the basket instead of grabbing it for a more controlled put back.  It was a great play and also good to see VT didn't try for the game-winning three as most teams would do and tried to get the easy game-tying bucket.  Duke shot well, hitting 55.4% from the field.  #2MW-Kentucky also barely survived #3MW-Houston took a 58-55 lead after being down by 13 early but the Wildcats scored the last 7 points in winning 62-58.  Just six of 56 games have been one possession games (8 if you just include regulation) and 37 of 56 have been double-digit blowouts.  

Seven went 4-0 for the day but ChuckPersonCellBlock (121 pts) still holds on to a 2-point lead over CarseroniFortressHoops1 was one who went perfect to jump to 3rd (117).  Maitai was the only one to go 0-4 (162nd, 49).  91 entries have reached 100 points and everyone but Maitai has at least 72.  Six went 7-1 for the round while six went 2-6 for the round.  13 entries picked Auburn while 43 missed on Houston including two had them as champion. 28 lost UNC as their champ and 87 lost them in their Final Four. 

Carseroni has the best chance to win the pool (23.4%) but ChuckPersonCellBlock has the best chance at money (69.5%).  Carseroni (59.4%) and FortressHoops1 (52.3%) are the others with better than a 50/50 shot at money.  Kds911 (6th-Tied, 114)(17.2%), ChuckPersonCellBlock (15.6%), and Slamjam51 3 (5th, 115) (11.7%) all have a double-digit chance of winning the pool.  With the ACC and Big Ten picking up their 12th win and with two Elite 8s pitting these two conferences together, the minimum wins is 13 for a conference.  The SEC won twice and has 11 and will get a 12th with the Auburn-Kentucky matchup.  The max wins is 17 (ACC, Big Ten) and 14 (SEC).  With these results, just 53 can win the Bonus while 68 have been eliminated from both the Bonus and Top 6.

Honey Badger is 4th (116) but can't win the pool (forever behind Carseroni) while Sisyphus66 and Sisyphus86 are tied for 65th (102) but can still win the pool. CanUBeatA6Grader is tied for 13th (111) but can't finish in the top 6 while GoBigBlue2 is tied for 117th (95) but can still finish 6th.

   Tids & Bits - 158 picked Duke, 138 Michigan St, 108 Kentucky (yesterday: 141 picked Virginia, 123 Gonzaga, 46 Texas Tech, and 28 Purdue)... the entries averaged 2.57 wins today and 4.66 wins for the round... 22 still have an intact Final Four while everyone still can get at least 1... four entries lost 5 Elite 8 games they could've won and 8 lost 3 of 4 Final Four teams they could've won... Auburn has shot 31 (made 12), 30 (13), and 37 (17) three-pointers in their three games... Auburn streaked through to win the SEC championship and as long as they hit the threes and don't shoot free throws, watch out...

My wife's 21 possible winning outcomes for SpAva and my one..

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