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Thursday, March 23, 2017 
Issue # 7.3.1 "Blanked in the Final Minutes"
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King Kobra maintains 4 point lead with six tied for 2nd

CERRITOS APT (smt)- All four winning teams ended their games scoring the last few points in the final minutes.  #11W-Xavier stunned #2W-Arizona ending the game on a 9-0 run to win 73-71.  The Wildcats had a 7-point lead with 2:40 left and didn't attempt one free throw while missing five shots and committing one turnover.  Arizona also had no timeouts and looked lost on their last few possessions.  The other Pac 12 team, #3MW-Oregon ended the game scoring the last four points in the last 1:48 to stop the incredible run of #7MW-Michigan, winning 69-68.  #1W-Gonzaga closed the game on a 6-0 run in the last 1:31 to hold off #4W-West Virginia, 61-58.  For some reason, WVU, with no timeouts, had 38 seconds, barely getting rim on two shots, grabbing both offensive rebounds, and then ran out the clock not getting a shot off as time expired.  This was a painful game to watch as WVU went on a slow 15-4 run in over 7 minutes with a ton of fouls called in between (WVU shot 27% and yet were still in the game because the Zags weren't much better, missing a lot of free throws).  #1MW-Kansas also ended their game on a 5-0 in the last 2:11... difference was Kansas was already up by 27, routing  #4MW-Purdue 98-66.  Purdue did have an 8-point first half lead at one point.

King Kobra maintained the 4-point lead (104) with Dboyz17, 9ers in '18, Hrosen2, Thai Spice, SlumDawg, and EEChick1400 tied for 2nd at 100 points.  37 went 3-1 while six went 0-4.  BTW, who is King Kobra?  The Who's Who has been up for a while on the homepage -- see who is who.

19 lost Arizona as their champ and 71 more lost them in their Final Four. Bigtenfan2 (125th-T, 81) lost Purdue and Jackson's Picks (101st-T, 84) lost WVU as their champ. 

There are still 91 entries that can finish in the top 7 and 35 can still win the pool.  Russian Trolls (8th-Tied, 99) has the best chance to win the pool (9.1%) with eight others with more than a 5% chance to be champion.  King Kobra has the best chance to finish in the money (38.1%) with GonzagaGirl (23rd-T, 95) next at 33.1%.

Despite being tied for 10th, Sandit (98) can't finish higher than 2nd.  Despite being tied for 133rd place, ChasCroix1, And Mich. Still Sucks, Slamjam51-2, and So There's A Chance (80) can still win something.  Despite being tied for 118th place (82), both Gators Resurgence and Little Luther can still win the pool.  Despite being tied for 32nd place (93), MMM can't win money.

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   Tids & Bits - Fefe (171st-T, 72) was the only one to pick Xavier while 62 picked Oregon, 135 Gonzaga, and 144 Kansas... Bobbydoonigan (167th-T, 73) can only get 4 more points while Dboyz17 could reach a total of 154... this was only the third time all four #4 seeds made the Sweet 16 ('83, '14)... the Pac 12 won their 8th game (9th including First Four) as did the Big 12... In the big UCLA-Kentucky matchup, 87 picked Kentucky advancing and 79 have UCLA advancing to the Elite 8... the Gonzaga-Xavier Elite 8 matchup means that finally, one of these teams will be playing in the Final Four... Michigan only had 2 offensive rebounds (Oregon only had 6)... after winning four games in four days to win the Big Ten tournament and sweeping the first weekend action, the air was let out as Michigan shot just 11-of-31 from 3-point range... West Virginia had 19 offensive rebounds, which they needed since they shot so poorly (27%)... with less than 2 minutes to go in the Gonzaga-WVU game, there was a 7-minute replay review for a play that was obvious upon watching the replay (not so live)-- it seemed like it took at least 6 of those minutes the refs were trying to come up with the correct terminology -- "inadvertent whistle", maybe Google was down or something... Tom C's (Tom (167th-T) African son's Cal-Bakersfield has advanced to the Final Four in New York, facing ACC's Georgia Tech in the first semifinal on March 28th... you're missing one of the best shows on TV, Star Wars Rebels, and it concludes its 3rd season Saturday with an epic battle with Admiral Thrawn that can't end well for the rebels according to the opening crawl of A New Hope...

Out of my misery - both entries eliminated with 'Zona's loss...

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