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Sunday, March 22, 2015 
Issue # 6.2.2 "Izzo Does It Again, Bragging Rights to Shockers"
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 Bwakewey 1 goes 8-0 to take 4 point lead; 52 entries eliminated 

CERRITOS, CA (smt)- For the 2nd straight year, #7E-Michigan St knocked out #2E-Virginia as coach Tom Izzo is now 13-1 in the Round of 32 (the last year it will be called the 3rd Round).  For the 2nd straight year, #1W-Wisconsin knocked out #8W-Oregon in the Round of 32 with a late surge.  And for the 2nd straight year, #2MW-Kansas chokes in the Round of 32, this time to the rival-they-never-want-to-play-in-case-they-lose #7MW-Wichita St.  Will Kansas wait another 22 years before playing Wichita St again?  No games were closer than six points as #1S-Duke, #2S-Gonzaga, and #4E-Louisville cruised while #3E-Oklahoma and #5MW-West Virginia pulled away late.  The ACC has 5 teams in the Sweet 16 which ties the record.

Bwakewey 1 went a perfect 8-0, just the 3rd entry to do so, and 14-2 (31st entry to ever do so) for the round to move into 1st (94 pts) and a 4-point lead.  Nine others went 7-1 while no one else got more than 12 right in the round.  #7s were trendy picks as 55 chose Wichita St and 28 chose Michigan St.  Mistressnine is 2nd, Bucksilious is 3rd (89), and PRIDE OF TROY is alone in 4th (88).

The tough part.  52 entries have been eliminated from winning the top 6 prizes but the 32.3% elimination rate (of 161 entries) is only 3rd highest ever.  Just 43 can win 1st.  Bwakewey 1 does have the best chance at 1st (27.4%) and money (72.6%) with Mistressnine a 19.2% chance for 1st and 52.7% for money.  BobbyCee'sRacer'sEdge (26th-Tied, 82 pts)) is the only other entry with more than a 10% chance for 1st (11.0%) while Will I Ever Win This (5th-T, 87) is the only other entry with more than a 37% chance of winning (46.1%).  Drunk Fabone (112th-T, 73) has just a 7 in 32,768 chance to win 5th (0.02%) but for pride's sake, for the 21st straight year, his entry has not been eliminated after the Round of 32.

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   Tids & Bits - the ACC and Pac-12 are blemished but are still 11-1 and 7-1, respectively... two went 2-6 today (Fabio (158th-T, 59)) and Sandy (131st-T, 69))... no Region kept their top 4 seeds intact with the East losing its #1 and #2 seeds... Kentucky is the first-ever 36-0 team... the Bonus Prize details and prize distribution will be announced next week....

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