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Friday, March 27, 2009 
Issue # 10.3.2 "Just Like a First Game"
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Buckeye Mike is back in first but 27 still have a chance to be champ

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (smt)- #1MW-Louisville and #2S-Oklahoma never trailed in routing their opponents in the Sweet 16 while #1S-UNC only trailed 1-0 & 3-2 in their win.  The Cardinals led by as many as 41 (99-58) in posting a 103-64 blowout of #12MW-Arizona, the "Cinderella".  The Sooners denied #3S-Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim his 800th win in their 84-71 win.  Oklahoma began the second half with a 17-3 run (part of an overall 21-3 blitz) to open up a 27-point lead (56-29).  UNC picked up their record-breaking 99th tournament win by leading as many as 28 (96-68) and their only problem was coming up with 100 points (missing their last 3 shots; final score: 98-77).  These three games felt like a top seed vs. a 14/15/16 seed in the first round.  Very disappointing considering the promise these games held before they were played.

The only competitive game saw #2MW-Michigan St. rally from a 5-point deficit with 3:26 remaining to hold off defending champion #3MW-Kansas, 67-62.  The Spartans (who I left off Izzo on the great coaches in the Sweet 16 in my Sweet 16 update) hit all but one of their free throws (16/17) to seal the win.  The Jayhawks had built a 13-point lead in the first half.  With all the top seeds winning, we have the Midwest and South regions fully intact for the Elite 8.  Syracuse's loss prevented the Big East from going 5-0 in the Sweet 16 but their 4 teams is double the Big 12's representation.

Oklahoma's win put Buckeye Mike (122 pts) back into first and he held it from there.  The Rat Pack fell to 2nd (120) with Baba rising to 3rd (119).  Rainman became just the sixth entry to go a perfect 8-0 for the round propelling him from a tie for 41st to a tie for 6th.  Twenty-six (26) entries went 4-0 today (we had just 48 ever do so before) while three went 1-3.  Slamjam51 (113th, 77) lost Gonzaga in his Final Four leaving him with no teams left in the Final Four.  He will become at least the 115th person to go 0-for-the-Final-Four. 

SilverSurfer and The Rat Pack are the only two of the 27 still with a chance to be champ with a greater than 10% chance (16.8 and 16.5, respectively) to win first.  Fifty-two (52) still have a chance to win money.

For the Bonus Prize, 65 still have a chance.  The Big East leads with 15 wins (guaranteed at least 16 with UConn-'Nova winner) with the Big 12 at 11 wins.


    Tids & Bits:  Five went 2-6 for the round... despite 6 of the top 8 seeds winning, the 5.18 win average for the round is just the 3rd highest total (5.66 in '07)... 9 had actually picked 'Zags to make the Elite 8... 28 still have all their Final Four teams... Poor Bearly Playing (113) was eliminated yesterday but she still went 7-1 for the round and is tied for 15th... My Three Sons (105) is rising, going from a tie for 87th to a tie for 50th thanks to a 7-1 3rd Round...

I left my bracket in San Francisco... 


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