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1. The most convenient method of entry for those with internet access would be the web entry form which can be accessed here. Otherwise, get thee a copy of the NCAA Men's Tournament Bracket. The most convenient place to get one would be the sports section of your local newspaper. You can also get the brackets at various sports related web sites (ESPN, FinalFour.net, CBS Sportsline, etc.). If you are planning to enter online via this web site, skip to step 6 below. 

2. Fill out the brackets completely using all the college basketball wisdom you can conjure up. 

3. Make a prediction for the total combined score for the championship game. For instance, if you think the final score will be 82-76, your prediction would be 158. 

4. Create a nickname for yourself. This is important, because if you don't give us one, we'll make one up for you. Historically, these assigned nicknames have not been flattering. 

5. Send all that precious information this-away before the first game on Thursday, March 17. Obviously, the fastest way to get the info here is via the web entry form or by e-mail (ncaa(at)hwci.com). If sending your picks by e-mail, the most efficient way of completing this tedious task is to format your picks as follows: 

Final game total score:
NCAA Champion:
Final Four losers (round 5):
Round 4 losers (4 teams):
Round 3 losers (8 teams):
Round 2 losers (16 teams): 
6. And finally, you must arrange to have your entry fee of $10 sent to us. There are three basic methods for payment: 

1. Personally hand the $10 fee to an HWCI member by March 18
2. Over the internet via PayPal to "[email protected]" by March 18 (you'll find more info about PayPal below)
3. By check sent by snail mail (mailed and postmarked by March 17, the first day of the tournament). Please e-mail us at ncaa(at)hwci.com to get the address to which mail the checks.

Important exception: If you have an HWCI member who can vouch for you and front your money, this is not a hard deadline. For all others, please get acquainted with PayPal.

Paying with PayPal

PayPal is the most popular and established method of transferring funds between independent parties over the internet. Personal accounts are free. To pay via PayPal, you can click on the link below:
$10.00 - No Credit Card Option
If you don't already have a PayPal account, you'll need to sign up for one. In the past, because [email protected] is a personal PayPal account (as opposed to Business or Premier), we could not accept credit card payments. If you try to send a credit card payment, it will be rejected. This means you will have to set up your PayPal account to withdraw from a verifiable bank account. To do this, you'll need your bank account number and routing number ready.

But now, to make things more convenient, if you prefer sending a credit card payment, you can now send $10.59 (2.9% + 30 PayPal fees) per entry to [email protected] (which is a Premier account).

$10.59 - Credit Card Payments Only!

Remember, if you have any questions, address them to ncaa(at)hwci.com. 

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