1999 HWCI NCAA Pool Update

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Issue # 11.4.2 "Final Four is set..."

                     1999 HWCI NCAA TOURNAMENT POOL

  Bobbins will take at least 2nd as eight vie for other three spots

     LITTLE TOKYO/LA MIRADA, CA (smt)-  For the second straight game,
#1E-Duke struggled for the first half, but like all four games Duke has
played, they've blown out their opponent in the second half.
#6E-Temple tried to make a late run, cutting the lead to 10, but
Duke ran away after that to win by 21, 85-64.  Although some say
#3MW-Kentucky would have been a better opponent for Duke, it will be
#1MW-Michigan St. instead as they overcame an early 17-4 deficit
to win 73-66.  Michigan St. dethrones the defending champs and reaches
the Final Four for the first time since 1979.  It was Duke's fifth
Final Four in the 90's but the first since 1994.  One streak will end
on Saturday:  Michigan St. has a 22-game winning streak and Duke has 
a 31-game winning streak.

     While 34 picked Duke to make the Final Four, only six had 
Michigan St. going this far and so, six people went 2-0.  
SHAW (30th, 81) and DARKSHARK (25th, 88) were the only two to go
0-2 for the day and are the only two who went 0-4 for the round.
Five went 3-1 for the round.  Duke's win sent DARKSHARK moneyless
and Michigan St.'s win eliminated THE FLYING ELVI (9th, 98).

     The pool picture is a tad clearer.  SHARY BOBBINS (1st, 118) will 
take home at least $90 and is the odds-on favorite to win first.  
CHRIS (5th, 103), who had UNC and UCLA, two of his Final Four picks, 
knocked out in the first round still has a chance to win first, 
provided Michigan St. beats Ohio St. in the final.  Besides these two,
seven others will battle the money spots.  FREE FABONE (2nd, 109)
and CARSERONI (4th, 104) wille each have six chances (of 8) to win 
money but CARSERONI has the inside edge since Michigan St. and 
Ohio St. would have to advance to the final for him to lose money 
while FREE FABONE will lose if Duke wins it all, the most likely 

Off to Tampa...
Scott HW

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