1999 HWCI NCAA Pool Update

Friday, March 19, 1999                      http://www.HWCI.com/ncaa
Issue # 9.3.3 "Favorites Win! Favorites Win!..."

                     1999 HWCI NCAA TOURNAMENT POOL

        Shary Bobbins reaches century mark as pool tightens up

     IRVINE/LA MIRADA, CA (smt)-  For the first time in the tournament
there were no upsets as #1E-Duke, #6E-Temple, #1MW-Michigan St., and
#3MW-Kentucky all advanced against their lower seeded opponents.
#12E-SW Missouri St. played Duke tough in the first half and trailed
by only nine at halftime before the inevitable happened. Temple
easily took care of #10E-Purdue.  Michigan St. pulled away late in
the game to keep #13MW-Oklahoma at bay.  #10MW-Miami of Ohio 
battled Kentucky tough for most of the game before the Wildcats
broke it open.

     In the pool, SHARY BOBBINS (1st, 100) hit 100 points and there
are now only 4 of 128 possibile outcomes she won't win at least 
fourth place.  The FABONES (THE FABONE V, 2nd, 93 and FREE FABONE, 
3rd, 91) position themselves for a money spot but the race has 
tightened thanks to the favorites winning today.  CHRIS (3rd, 91)
with Michigan St. as his champ is very much in it.  Kentucky will
be the key for about seven people while five will rely on St. John's.
MAX POWER (5th, 89) who picked 11 of 16 Sweet Sixteen teams just
picked 2 of 8 Elite 8 teams and can't finish higher than 3rd place.
Six people went 3-1 today but SHARY BOBBINS and BUCKEYE MIKE topped 
the round picking 6 of 8.  SHARY BOBBINS is the only one to have all 
four of her Final Four teams alive.  TRUE BRUIN (36th, 53) is 
guaranteed to finish in dead last and the worst point total in 
HWCI NCAA history thanks to Kentucky's win propelling SHAW (16th, 81) 
to his final point total of 81.  Just THE FABONE V (2nd, 93) picked 
Temple correctly while 35 of 36 picke Duke.  Michigan St.'s win
knocked off two more from money contention (KEIKOSAURUS, KNIEVELKID)
and left just nine vying for first place.

Prize money:	First place  = $180 \
          	Second place =  $90  \ Total pot =
          	Third place  =  $60  /  $360.00
          	Forth place  =  $30 /

Why did the underdogs fall NOW???...
Scott HW

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