1999 HWCI NCAA Pool Update 

Thursday, March 18, 1999                      http://www.HWCI.com/ncaa
Issue # 8.3.2 "Florida travels home..."

                     1999 HWCI NCAA TOURNAMENT POOL

       Shary Bobbins leads pack of ten in battle for first place

     LA MIRADA, CA (smt)-  #10W-Gonzaga got some luck when Brent Wright
of #6W-Florida was called for traveling with 15.4 seconds left setting
up Gonzaga's winning basket.  Gonzaga will face top seeded #1W-UConn
who struggled against #5W-Iowa before pulling away late.  In the
South, #4S-Ohio St. rallied from 6 points down and exploded on a 
9-0 run to break open a 61-61 tie to topple #1S-Auburn, the first 
#1 seed to fall in the tourney.  #3S-St. John's had earlier used
a 20-0 run to close the first half en route to beating #2S-Maryland.
St. John's is arguably the hottest team outside of Duke.

     If you had picked all the favorites in the tournament, you would
have pitiful 68 points (just four have less than 68 points).  In 
prior years, picking all the favorites would put you near the top.
This year, SHARY BOBBINS (1st place, 88 pts) was one of five people 
to go 3-1 and has all but clinched a money spot (97.46%) and has 
nearly a 3/4ths chance of winning the first prize payoff of $180.  
Scott HW's two picks are currently tied for second (THE FABONE V, 85) 
and fourth (FREE FABONE, 83) but history has shown that those who
enter twice, don't win (5 people, 0-10).  MAX POWER (2nd, 85) holds 
onto a tie for 2nd despite going 1-3.  CHRIS (4th, 83) falls from 
second to a tie for fourth place.  YELLOWMONKEY is in 25th place with
71 points but still has a slight chance to win first.  

     The St. John's-Maryland game had everyone's attention as everyone
either picked St. John or Maryland.  St. John's win sent four more 
people into the elimination ranks (KUYA GLENN, JAYBIAN V, CANTONA, 
JAYLOC).  Just six people picked Ohio St. and this sent six more
people home tearing up their bracket (SHAW, LEONARDO, Q, TAMO, TIGER,
LEGEND).  34 of 36 picked UConn to win.  TRUE BRUIN (36th, 49)
set a new HWCI NCAA record by going winless today and her only bright
spot is she picked Duke to win it all.  This was the first
time no one went 4-0.  SHAW (8th, 77) is the only one person who
has all of his Final Four picks gone (after Kentucky's game tomorrow,
he becomes a pool spectator) while SHARY BOBBINS is the only person 
who has a chance to get all four picks in.

Prize money:	First place  = $180 \
          	Second place =  $90  \ Total pot =
          	Third place  =  $60  /  $360.00
          	Forth place  =  $30 /

Goo goo for Gonzaga...
Scott HW

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