1999 HWCI NCAA Pool Update 

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Issue # 4.1.2 "It's Madness!..."

                     1999 HWCI NCAA TOURNAMENT POOL

      Shary Bobbins goes 14-2 to tie Chris for first place

     EL SEGUNDO/LA MIRADA, CA (smt)-  #13MW-Oklahoma scored the last 
five points in the final minute to upset #4MW-Arizona, becoming the 
2nd #13 seed to advance.  Arizona used to be known for choking in the
first round in the 90's but then they won it all in 1997.  I guess
old habits have returned.  All #9 and #10 seeds advanced as #9E-Tulsa,
#9MW-Ole Miss, #10E-Purdue, and #10MW-Miami, Ohio won close games.  
One of the best matchups saw #5MW-UNCC hold off #12MW-Rhode Island in
overtime.  #12E-SW Missouri St. upset #5E-Wisconsin helping give lower
seeded teams a 12-20 record in the first round.  #1E-Duke (won by 41
but didn't cover the spread), #4E-Tenn, #6E-Temple, #3E-Cincy, 
#2E-Miami, Fla. won handily in the East region while 
#1MW-Michigan St., #6MW-Kansas, #3MW-Kentucky, and #2MW-Utah took 
their games in the Midwest.

     Last year the Pac-10 was 4-0 in the first round with 4 teams 
in the Sweet Sixteen and this year they are 1-3 with Stanford barely
holding on for the lone Pac-10 win.  Wally Szczerbiak of Miami, Ohio
scored 43 of his team's 59 points to help upset Washington.  His point
total is exactly what SW Missouri St. scored to beat Wisconsin (43-32).

     Arizona's loss prevented CHRIS from going 8-0 in the first half
of the day but no one picked Oklahoma.  Eight picked SW Missouri
St. and nine picked Ole Miss.  CHRIS is tied with SHARY BOBBINS for
first with 52 points (ties HWCI record) but CHRIS has 2 of his 4 
Final Four teams out of the tourney.  MAX POWER and SHAW are tied
for third with 48 points while there is an 11-way tie for fifth with
46 points.  TRUEBRUIN sets a new HWCI record low by going 7-9 today
and 17-13 in the first round (she ties the 1st round day record low 
set by YELLOWMONKEY yesterday with a 7-9 mark).

     Had you picked all the favorites you would have gone 10-6 on 
Thursday and 10-6 today, so if you have more than 40 points, you did
better than blindly picking favorites.

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