1999 HWCI NCAA Pool Update 

Thursday, March 11, 1999                       http://www.HWCI.com/ncaa
Issue # 3.1.1 "Deja Vu for UCLA..."

                     1999 HWCI NCAA TOURNAMENT POOL

               Over 30 entries received setting new record

     EL SEGUNDO, CA (smt)-  Well, UCLA was # 5 seed, not #4,
the region is South not Southeast, the year is 1999 not 1996.  However, 
it was still Indianapolis and there was still the same result as a poor 
shooting #12S-Detroit team beat #5S-UCLA; however, that wasn't as surprising 
as #14W-Weber St. knocking off #3W-UNC.  #2W-Stanford nearly gets beat
while #1S-Auburn blazes by #16-Winthrop.  Two #10 seeds, #10W-Gonzaga (over
#7W-Minn) and #10S-Creighton (over #7W-Louisville) advance as do the two
#9 seeds (#9S-OK St. and #9W-New Mexico).  #4S-Ohio St., #6S-Indiana (196
pts scored in that game with #11S-George Washington), #3S-St. John's, and 
#2S-Maryland win easily in the South region.  #1W-UConn, #5W-Iowa, 
#4W-Arkansas, and #6W-Florida pull out double-digit wins in the West.

     I apologize for getting this update a day late, but I was at the US 
soccer match last night and we are still trying to finalize the entries.
After the first 8 games, three people (FREE FABONE, MAX POWER, THE FABONE V)
went 8-0 but at the end of the day, CHRIS and MAX POWER topped the day
with 26 points (13 wins).  YELLOWMONKEY brings up the rear in 36th place
with just 14 points.  Three people had UNC going to the Final Four and will
have to hope for some more upsets (DARKSHARK had UNC winning it all- 
whoops!).  29 of 35 people have Duke going all the way with all but one
person (SHAW) having them make the Final Four.  UConn was picked by 4 to go 
all the way while UNC, Arizona, and Michigan St. were picked by one person 
each.  Just three picked Detroit over UCLA (had I not been a "homer", I 
would've picked Detroit) while TIGER gets the token prize for picking
the huge Weber St. upset of UNC.  The closest game was New Mexico-Missouri
as slightly more than half (19 of 36) picked New Mexico correctly.

     Unofficially, we have received 36 entries with the possibility of
one more.  This number may flucuate depending on when payment of
the $10 is received (make arrangements now) and when some snail mail 
entries come in.  Everyone's picks we have received will be posted on
the web site.  The official list should be posted by next Monday.  Also,
we'll have the money breakdown for 1st-4th that day as well.  The 
30-plus entries top last year's record of 28.  The 1st prize pot is
expected to top $175.  Thanks to all who are participating.

     If you don't to receive these email updates, please email 
[email protected]  

Poor Winthrop...
Scott HW

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