1999 HWCI NCAA Pool Update 
Wednesday, March 10, 1999                      http://www.HWCI.com/ncaa
Issue # 2.0.2 "Tick Tock..."

                     1999 HWCI NCAA TOURNAMENT POOL

                 Late stragglers have different options

     LA MIRADA, CA (smt)-  For those who are not going to enter the
pool, this is the last email you will get.  For those who aren't
entering but want to follow along, let me know or go to the HWCI
NCAA webpage.  For everyone else, entries are due by 9:24 am PST

     There are several ways to enter:

	1.  By far the easiest and most convienent way is via web.
Go to www.HWCI.com/ncaa/entry.html and enter online (you even get a
printout of your picks to verify).

	2.  Email.  Email either [email protected] or [email protected]
your name, nickname, total points in final, and picks.

	3.  Snail mail.  Send your picks to the following address:

		David Feng
		14127 El Mirador St.
		La Mirada, CA 90638

Mail a check for $10 if you won't be able to see Dave or I soon.
The postmark must be Thursday AM and not Thursday PM or later.

     If you want to enter later in the day, then you must submit via
email your picks for the following games:  Syracuse-Oklahoma St, 
Maryland-Valparaiso, and Iowa-AlabamaBirmingham by 9:29 am Thursday.  
If submitting after 11:42 am Thursday, then you must also submit the 
Minnesota-Gonzaga game.  The FINAL email/web deadline is 12:20 pm 

     As of 11:15 pm Wednesday, we are at 22 unofficial entries
(not including mine) and well on our way to topping last year's
record of 28.  To keep on the up and up, I will put my 
horrible picks on the web at:  http://www.HWCI.com/ncaa/smt.htm
by 9 am Thursday.  No mocking, please.

I'll take Florida A&M and 46 1/2 points...
Scott HW

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