1999 HWCI NCAA Pool Update 

Monday, March 8, 1999                         http://www.HWCI.com/ncaa
Issue # 1.0.1 "The Pairings Are Out!..."

                     1999 HWCI NCAA TOURNAMENT POOL

                   But are these the teams to beat?

     LA MIRADA, CA (smt)-  We now know the 64 teams that will somehow,
in some weird combination, make me $10 poorer.  But that means
someone else will be $10 richer.  The 5th Annual HWCI NCAA Tournament
Pool officially begins today as people will scramble to make and get
their 63 picks in by 9 a.m. PST Thursday, March 11.

     Last year, just one person out of 28 people picked Utah 
(runner-up) to go as far the Final Four and she won first place.  
This year, Duke seems like the safe choice, but will another
team come in and surprise us?  Can you trust #1 seeds Auburn and
Michigan St. to go very far?  Will anyone pick teams with names
like Winthrop, Samford, Sienna, or Gonzaga?  Only time will tell.

     Some quick info:

WHAT:        5th Annual HWCI NCAA Tournament Pool
DEADLINE:    9 a.m. PST on Thursday, March 11, 1999
ENTRY FEE:   $10.00 per entry (max 3 entries per person)
PREV CHAMPS: 1998- ANNA COME LATELY, $150.00 (28 entries)
             1997- MAX, $125.00 (22 entries)
             1996- JAYBIAN, $110.00 (19 entries)
             1995- BIX PIX, $70.00 (11 entries)
RULES:       Check http://www.HWCI.com/ncaa for more info

     So, send in your: 
     - Full name
     - Nickname
     - Email or phone # (contact info)
     - Final game total score
     - NCAA Champion
     - Runner-up
     - Final Four losers (Round 5)
     - Round 4 (Elite 8) losers (4 teams)
     - Round 3 (Sweet 16) losers (8 teams)
     - Round 2 losers (16 teams)

via email to [email protected] OR [email protected] or enter online at
http://www.HWCI.com/ncaa/entry.html.  Make arrangements to
send in your $10 entry fee(s) by March 18th.  Complete rules and 
daily pool information can be found on the official site:  

Preparing to lose...
Scott M Tamashiro/David Feng

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