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Saturday, April 4, 2009
Issue # 14.5.1 "Home Cookin'"
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Bizarro Larzby wins pool with Buckeye23 taking at least 4th

UPLAND/CERRITOS, CA (smt)- Under a hundred miles from campus, #2MW-Michigan St. outran #1W-UConn in the second half and energized the record crowd of 72,456 with a 82-73 victory. UConn's big man Hasheem Thabeet was exhausted just minutes into the second half and when the Spartan's big man Goran Sutton got in foul trouble, Michigan St. used the fast break to open up a close game. The Huskies did fight back, quickly reducing an 11-point deficit to 3 with just over a minute left, but missing 12 free throws did not help their cause. Possible recruiting violations and issues with Coach Jim Calhoun's health didn't help either.

In the nightcap, #1S-UNC kept #3E-Villanova at bay in winning their fifth straight tourney game by 10 points or more, 83-69. The wildcats couldn't shoot from outside and never got below a double-digit deficit after UNC went on their 9-0 run to open up a 59-45 lead.

All four teams shot poorly which some may attribute to the huge dome and lack of draping (depth perception) used in previous domed games. The Spartans will try to replicate Arizona's 1997 run when they beat three #1 seeds but it doesn't look good considering they lost by 35 to UNC in December.  One piece of good news is the Midwest champ has won the last 4 years (and they have sent one to the Final every year since 2004).

The Spartans win gave Bizarro Larzby (158 pts) the 2009 HWCI NCAA Pool title as he was just one of four to pick Michigan St.  He's our 14th different champion in the 15 years of the pool.  He and Little Miss Sunchips were the only people to go 2-0 for the day and 'Chips rose from a tie for 12th to 2nd (142) and will try to hold it.  Buckeye23 (Tied-3rd, 139) is guaranteed at least 4th place, her second win (Bonus in '07).  Baba (T-3rd, 139) and The Rat Pack (5th, 138) will finish in the money (along with Little Miss Sunchips) if the Spartans win on Monday and Rainman (T-6th, 137), AC (T-6th, 137), and Buckeye Mike (10th, 136) will finish in the money if UNC wins.  The Rat Pack will try to become the first person since '06 (when #3-Florida met #2-UCLA) to not get a Finalist correct and win money.  SilverSurfer (132) was one of 57 to go 0-2 and went from 3rd to a tie for 13th.  Teddy's Teams (80), who was in last, was one of the four (the last being Baba) to pick Michigan St. and is now in 113th, leaving Slamjam51 forever in last with 77 points.

If you've forgotten the prize breakdown, here it is again:

    1st Place =       $495.00
    2nd Place =    $250.00
    3rd Place =     $170.00
    4th Place =     $115.00
    5th Place =     $ 70.00
    Bonus Prize =$ 40.00

The mighty Big East, with a record three #1 seeds, a record 5 in the Sweet 16, a record 4 in the Elite 8, and half the Final Four, are no more.  Poof.  They will finish with 17 wins.  This means 11 entries will have a chance to win or share $40.  You may still be in it, check out the Bonus1 winning possibilities and start counting the points scored in the Final.

    Tids & Bits:  Well, UConn failed to extend their win-a-title-ever-5-years streak (winning in 1999 and 2004)... sports once again is trying to elevate a troubled city, this time Detroit with its corrupt lawmakers and mismanaged and union-run auto industry... UCLA was the last team to win the championship in their home state (San Diego, 1975)... a couple of great slams in the Michigan St.-UConn game, with Spartan's Summer (which was actually blocked if you look at the replay) and Huskies' Robinson (wow!, unfortunately their defense broke down right after that)... Michigan St.'s win eliminated 7 and UNC's win eliminated 2 more... only 65 entries had ever got both Finalists correct before...

Hoping to watch Monday's game with Little Miss Sunchips and hopefully in HD... 


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